Saturday, January 13, 2007

Changing Blog Format

I have decided after much debating that starting today I am going to make my blog more of a personal blog, with my personal reviews, takes, believes, opinions or whatever you would like to call such ramblings on anything and everything that comes to my fabulous (lol) little brain.

Trying to keep this a business blog and also keeping my forum going just isn't working. I find myself needing a place to vent personal opinions after writing all of those business ideas. So this is now going to be personal.

All are still invited to share with me, but if you want business ideas, please refer to my forum which is

Have a great day!

Music is my getaway how bout yours?!

Have you ever really thought about all the different genre's of music that there are out there?

You can listen to music for every type of mood that you are in at that point in time. For instance I am listening to "Hate Me" by Blue October right now as I am writing this. Kind of tells you what type of mood I am in today, or I guess I should clarify and say "right now".

It actually is a very well written song if you actually take the time to listen to it. I know for one that my mother would not take the time to listen to it just for the fact that it is not her type of music, because it talks about hate and drugs, but there is a really positive message in it, if you want to hear it.

It really is talking about someone that was messed up, and in a really bad way, but finally got help, but still ended up lossing the person that he really wanted in the end, but he still loves her. Sad actually when you think of how many people never get help at all.

You should all listen to this song and tell me what you think of it. See what you get out of it. Maybe I am just overly optomistic. I guess that is not such a bad thing when you think about it.

Have a good listen.