Thursday, March 1, 2007

New facepaint for the blog

Hey all bloggers that are out there blogging away today. If you have stopped by before this, you will most likely notice the different makeup I put on today. I got sick of the old stuff.

You could safely say that my mother has gotten me hooked onto paid emails again!!! Cursed her be!!! lol

No, to be honest I have been plugging away at them for several years off and on trying to figure out a good way to go about them without feeling like I am just wading through quicksand without no breathing tube.

You will soon find yourself swarmed with paying emails after you sign up for some of these programs if you have ever had the opportunity to try this line of work. I do suggest getting another email account as you will sometimes find yourself overloaded with the multiplying little buggers and your local servers will be cussing you out big time with the overload.

I have figured out that I will use my lower pay out companies that over banner rotation for points or cash to advertise this very site and also my forum that I run also, that way it is more logical to actually click on these emails instead of them sending me $1 every other week.

I would much rather have people signing up for more valuable stuff like say associated content, where they actually care about the little people out here in the world and pay us for our opinions! I love them guys!

Don't get me wrong, I love the paid emails too and don't want to discourage anyone from signing up for them, as they do also bring in a little bit of extra cash when needed, but they will most likely not make you rich, by anybody's standards, not even mine, and they are pretty low. ;-)

Check out some of the links that I put on and see what you think. I know that $.01 doesn't seem like much, but when you think of it as FREE ADVERTISING IN RETURN, then it actually seems like not such a bad deal.

Check you all later.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Review my posts

increase blog traffic
Payperpost has come up with a great opportunity for bloggers like myself to come up with more traffic for their sites and also to help with financing at the same time. I really can find no reason why this would not be a win-win situation for anyone!

You place a little tracking bar and a banner in your posts and you have people review your posts that you make and you earn money and you earn traffic.

A perfect win-win situation in my book any day of the week, or the weekend for that matter.

Anytime that I can refer people to a good program that pays people for an honest days effort for work that they do and for reading good quality content that other hard working people like myself put out there is something that I will always be willing to put out there.

I can really not see a reason why not to participate in this program. There are no drawbacks to this program, except you might run across an uncouth blogger/reviewer that just does not want to honestly review people for their effort and abilities.

Fortunately their are enough of us honest bloggers out there to counteract those dishonest ones.

New published content!

Check out my recently published content on AC:

Saturday Nite Live Features Bismarck, ND's Snow Angels Record is up to something!

PayPerPost up to something is the upcoming few weeks!!! None of us bloggers know exactly what it is, but we are all left up to our collective imaginations to speculate as to what it just might be!

Well no one has ever accused me of have an under active imagination before so I hereby offer my opinion of what they might be up to!

I think that the company is finally going to be going out of beta! They will be fixing all of their sign-up bugs, of which I was one of the unfortunates, and they will make the site run just a little bit smoother and easier for all of us bloggers out there that are blogging for dollars for their advertisers.

I for one can't wait for the beta phase to end and for the real fun to begin! Imagine all of the new fun to begin. A new dashboard, with loads of new features, automatic emails, with all of the new opportunities that would maybe be customized to what you already blog about and are good at.

What advertiser wouldn't want a blogger to blog about what they are already good at?

That would be the ideal situation for both bloggers and advertisers. Then we wouldn't have to scroll through all the open opportunities trying to select which ones would be open for us and messing up the ones that we are not qualified for in the first place.

I am wiggiling with excitement waiting to see what payperpost has in store!

Jose ole'

Thanks Jose for all of your comments and posts. I have not been online for a while due to my internet being turned off. But I wanted to let you know that I am not ignoring you. I very much appreciate you signing up underneath me for . That was very thoughtful of you.

I am so happy for you that you like associated content. They are a very good publishing company. I have so far published 4 articles with them and I just wrote another article today with them before blogging on here today.

I covered a local news event for a Guiness Book of World Records that our State Capitol did for Snow Angels that Saturday Night Live actually featured last night on the show. That was actually pretty shocking for me. I am not used to North Dakota being featured on nationally televised tv. At least not for anything good. lol

I am excited that your blogging has taken off so well for you! You have so many people that have flocked to your site. I somewhat envy you to be honest. I have not had even a percentage of people on my site, but I also have not put even a tenth of the effort into mine that you have into yours.

All warm wishes are extended your way and I will continue to read your blog, which I did do after your first comments that you sent my way, I just like yourself did not leave a comment. I will try to be more blogger like and leave a comment next time to make sure that you know that I was around and looking.

Hope that you all have a great day and are all prosperous in your online ventures.