Sunday, February 25, 2007

Review my posts

increase blog traffic
Payperpost has come up with a great opportunity for bloggers like myself to come up with more traffic for their sites and also to help with financing at the same time. I really can find no reason why this would not be a win-win situation for anyone!

You place a little tracking bar and a banner in your posts and you have people review your posts that you make and you earn money and you earn traffic.

A perfect win-win situation in my book any day of the week, or the weekend for that matter.

Anytime that I can refer people to a good program that pays people for an honest days effort for work that they do and for reading good quality content that other hard working people like myself put out there is something that I will always be willing to put out there.

I can really not see a reason why not to participate in this program. There are no drawbacks to this program, except you might run across an uncouth blogger/reviewer that just does not want to honestly review people for their effort and abilities.

Fortunately their are enough of us honest bloggers out there to counteract those dishonest ones.

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