Thursday, May 31, 2007

It will be a week tomorrow! Recap of the week so far

I was just sitting here surfing on the internet and it hit me that my kids have been gone for a week as of tomorrow! Oh my god! It sometimes seems forever and then it sometimes seems like they just left yesterday! Weird...

I talked to the kids at about 7 tonight, it was a good conversation with the usual "Ummm...I don't knows" thrown in for good measure when asked what they have been up to....Typical little butts always have to make it like pulling teeth for them to say anything! :) Gotta love em though!

I figured that I would finally have time to catch up on my lack of posting and neglecting my marketing, and the biggest no no, not posting on mylot and clicking on my ptc sites. *tisk tisk* Well so far, I haven't really gotten much of anything done this week. Except for spending money that I really can't afford to keep myself entertained and not driving up the walls sitting at home.

The few programs that I have been doing are surfing for traffic on >Screenblaze which is so easy, all I have to do is open the browser while I am surfing and just let it run, or I can leave my internet connection running and watch my screensaver! Free to join and you don't have to pay anything ever!

Marketing Pond is another website that I have been checking out a lot recently. Learning the ropes and making sure that I have all my referral id's in a row, so that I can get some more signups to some really great sites that I am a member of.

Well that is all for now, I shall work up some better statistics for some of my programs in another post.

Catcha later

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Anybody doing adraker yet?

I just signed up for this new ads program that is called! You get paid for posting your ads and reading just 1, yes I said 1 email per day! That is all it takes to stay active with their program and earn revenue shares from the company!

You get a chance to earn for FREE bonus slots that will earn you X amount of dollars every pay period when they calculate all the revenue that has been brought in and divide it up among the users that are active.

It really couldn't be simpiler to get some easy cash from this company!

Why don't you all try it out and see what you think?

As always signups underneath me are always greatly appreciated and if you do signup underneath me, please send me an email or comment letting me know so, and I will publish your site in a seperate post as my way of saying thanks!

Catcha later!

Monday, May 28, 2007

Are you like me? Always looking for another way to monotenize your blog(s)? Good!

I have been utilizing for some of the money that I bring in via my blog for about a month now. They pay a lot better than Payperpost, when you get a tasked assigned to you that is! Sometimes the tasks can take a long time in coming your way, but it helps if your blog is seen by a lot of readers! Helps a lot!!!

First thing to remember about blogsvertise is categories. Make sure you pick the appropriate categories or you will not get any offers! Sad but true...Advertisers are not always looking to advertise for Depends....or something similar. lol
Check out all the categories before selecting the ones that pertain to your blog.

Second thing to remember is to make sure to complete your assigned offers on a timely basis. I have had several opportunities time out because they were caught by my spam filter. Frustrating as I missed out on $20 for those tasks. :(

Third thing check your filter for tasks! lol

Always log in everyday to see if there is an assigned task to complete. But make sure that you have at least 3 entries in between tasks on your blog. Also they do not like advertising from other companies to be close to their's. They will decline your postings if you don't follow this rule. So be careful in your timing.

Last of all check them out as it is completely free to sign up with them and to get started. The sooner you check the sooner you get started. :)