Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Anybody doing adraker yet?

I just signed up for this new ads program that is called Adraker.com! You get paid for posting your ads and reading just 1, yes I said 1 email per day! That is all it takes to stay active with their program and earn revenue shares from the company!

You get a chance to earn for FREE bonus slots that will earn you X amount of dollars every pay period when they calculate all the revenue that has been brought in and divide it up among the users that are active.

It really couldn't be simpiler to get some easy cash from this company!

Why don't you all try it out and see what you think?

As always signups underneath me are always greatly appreciated and if you do signup underneath me, please send me an email or comment letting me know so, and I will publish your site in a seperate post as my way of saying thanks!

Catcha later!

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