Thursday, May 15, 2008

I'm back at it again!!!

Hello everyone! Long time no see! Have been extremely busy since last October. I was working a data management job up in Williston. Constant repetition and click click click of the mouse and the keyboard makes for a very tired girl! Once I got home from work after looking at a computer for 8 straight hours I didn't want anything to do with computers all night long. So I really haven't done much of anything on the computer for about six months.

No blogging, no ptc, or anything like that. I find that I actually kind of missed it, but the pay was awesome and the people were absolutely wonderful! If everyone could have a boss like mine was we would all enjoy getting up in the morning to go and slave away. :-)

I think that I will be on here a little more now that my job has ended and I am trying to find work again. I will certainly have the time to be on here. At least for a little while longer as I am taking a break from work for about two weeks. I will still be receiving paychecks from my job until then, so I can sit back and enjoy the kids a little bit before school gets out and they go on their merry ways to their dads house for a couple of weeks.

The hubby is good but looking for work still. But that is ok, I don't mind. I just wish something good would come along soon.

Well I have some other posts that I have to get to so I will write more later. And it is good to be back.