Friday, December 1, 2006

New Forum Startup

Good morning all! Hope this finds all of you with friendlier weather than I am experiencing at the moment! We are in the throws of Mother Nature's depression right now. Swirling snow, monster wind gusts, biting wind chills that feel like your nose will be frozen off and fall to the ground in an instant. Poor kids! lol

I at least get to sit in my warm cozy kitchen and write on my blog and search for more opportunities to tell you all about and of course watch my wonderful little demonette Madison play and try to get away with every little thing that she can(when she thinks I am too busy typing) She hasn't learned that I really DO have eyes in the back of my head. lol

All in good fun.

Anyways the biggest reason for this blog this morning ( or should I say afternoon) is that I started up a forum this morning for all of you that might be interested in contributing ideas, stories, anticdotes, links, etc.... to this mission that I am on.

The link is at the top of the post of you can click here

All are of course welcome to submit comments and please do the poll as I am really curious if I am the only gullible one out here that has every been duped by an internet scam. All votes are anonymous. I do not care for your email addresses, I have no use for them unless you would like to email me personally, that is just fine. I don't resell emails to anyone so you are safe.

Curiousity killed the cat as my grandpa always says, I just would like to see how many of us have fallen for the same old lines and how many of us are out there looking for a genuine opportunity to be able to stay out of the rat race that is called a 9-5 job!

Well that is all for now! I do hope to see some of you there! I look forward to sharing ideas, links, advice, and whatever else may come up!

Staying warm in North Dakota,

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Send Earnings

I personally like reading emails for cents. They are fast easy, and you don't really have to pay too much attention to what is up on the board. Sorry advertisers! is a good company that has been around for a few years. They have made it through the big boom of paid email companies and lasted through the demise of many of them.

I personally have a check for $40 coming in the mail from them after the 1st of December, so I can say from experience that they do pay for the emails that you read, and they also pay very generously for referrals also.

As you will see if you read my blogs, I will always encourage readers to help each other out and sign up under each other as referrals, because just a little bit will go a long way towards helping each other out of all the financial freefall that our country has seemed to have fallen into!

Have a great night!

Endless Submissions

Swirls of websites and forms, words are becoming blurs, and I am not even sure if I am typing the right things anymore!!!!

Maybe everyone was right when they told me that I was nuts to try and take on this venture of blogging and doing surveys and reading emails and trying to give advice to some other poor creature like myself!

I have spent most of my day as you most likely can guess if you are a pro at this submitting my blogs url to websites for permission to list it among some of the most amazing blogs that I have ever read! ( Yes, I do tend to get a bit distracted) I feel a little discouraged that my own writing will ever rival theirs, but alas that is what an apprentice is all about, right????

I did run across a really good site that saved me some good time and actually had some "reputable search engines" that it would submit my site to for free and with relatively little hassle. Just a sign up little form and verification of an valid email address.

They are totally free and it just takes the time to get the email back to confirm your address to be able to submit with them.

I do however recommend only doing a few sites at a time as I did have a problem with the first and 4th sites not accepting sites at the time I was submitting and it will shut down the whole process. Just saves frustration that way. Otherwise all was good and very easy to navigate and find.

They also have some great articles to include on your own blog/website if so interested, and some good tips also.

Check it out if you are into this sort of thing.

Have a great warm cozy night!

Guppy in a fishbowl

Maybe it is just all the lovely fluffly white stuff that is surrounding my little home of comfy warmth today, but I am slowly getting the disquieting feeling that my life is not much dissimilar than that of a guppy in a fishbowl.

Part of this may come from pretty much being born(well not really, but I might as well have been) bred, and raised in a really small town and we all know how a little town just loves to gossip. You cannot so much as break wind in your warm cozy little love nest in rural North Dakota and the neighbors way out on the other side of the country will know about it and will most likely know what the aroma was too....

Pardon my being so frank on such a humm.... delicate matter, but I do get so sick of little town gossips and their little minds that no not so much of what they speak, but only the havoc that they will wreak in the end. Which is what it is all about to begin with I do suppose.

I must tell the truth and say that my rantings of late are because I am sick of simple minded little people with no for thought into the future just simple cannot believe that you can sit at home on a computer and actually make money while you are doing it.

Granted I have fallen miserably on my face a couple of times doing these online ventures, which was the single whole purpose of starting this online blog, but I would really like to think that we as humans can learn from their mistakes, especially myself.

That is why I would like to encourage anyone that has had any good or bad experiences with internet business or work at home businesses to post on here. Or if you have any other topics that you would like to talk about and you don't want to maintain your own blog feel free to contribute, as long as it is clean.

Well, now that I am feeling a little bit cleaner in mind and spirit I will get back to my search for a good clean experience on the internet that I can share with you.

Have a great day and remember we all have the power to help each other to a better financial future if we want to!!!

Jennifer Briese

Wednesday, November 29, 2006!!!

Hey to all you night owls out there with me! One last post for the night..... have been a busy girl today on here, never thought I would find so much to talk about in one day but I am snow bound so not much to look at out the windows but white.

I just signed up for this new program I found called
They pay you for submissions to yours and others (shrug) blogs about companies, products that they tell you to write about.

You of course have to meet a certain criteria, but it sounds like this company is a legit company. There is no sign up fee, they want you to do a sample blog for them. They research your current blog to make sure that you are at least legit and active.

They also pay via Paypal which is always a plus for me.

I guess what I am saying is that I will give a chance and hope that it is a legitimate work at home opportunity that I can do.

Wish me luck!!!!
Night all!

Inbox Dollars

Inbox Dollars is one of those many companies that pays you to read emails, do surveys, play games, sign up for offers, and many other things!

I have been a member with them for over 2 years off and on as I want to read the emails and they always let me keep my earnings to roll over when I want to return to them. Which I must say is very nice as most companies will drop you after a month of inactivity no matter what the reason may be!

They do not pay much for emails read, but this does not take much time or effort and you can find some amazing deals through these if you pay attention. You also can make some very nice money doing sign up offers and newsletters if you are interested and also by playing games on there site. I do believe there is a small fee to be compensated for the games, but this I will check on for sure.

You do also get rewarded for any people that sign up under you and I am a firm believer that if someone refers you to a reputable company you should try to compensate them and sign up under them if you can, so I jump around and try to spread out my sign ups under different people that have referred me to the same sites, so that several people can enjoy the benefits of my work also.

We can all work towards helping each other be more financially stable if we just help each other out a little.


Inbox Dollars has been around a long time and they do pay out regularly so I will give them a 5 star rating in my book!

Panda Research

Ok, we all have heard about taking surveys for money, or clicking on ads, or signing up for offers! Some of these companies are legit and some are scams. Lets face it not everyone is honest out there!

I have been with this company for over a year now and they do compensate for your time and for the offers that you complete sucessfully.

You do want to watch and make sure that you follow their guidelines that they post though! Sometimes they only want you to ask for a quote or sign up for a newsletter or something similar when there is a free 7 day trial available so make sure to pay attention to what is being asked of you.

Also be aware that some of the higher paying offers do sometimes require that you pay a small s&h fee for the offer to be completed, but most of the time if you can afford $1.75 or similar the reward is more than worth it ($20-$50).

You do have to have a minimum of $100 to cash out so to speak, but this is pretty easy to obtain if you are active in seeking out the offers that they have on their site and they will actively send you emails with new offers most every day.

This site gets a 5 star rating in my book of paying offers sites!!!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Welcome one and all to my blog! This is my first ever blog post! Exciting! lol

So here we are!

I have 3 wonderful children at home and a husband. We have a huge dog named Duke. He is a lab and shepard mix. We live out on a farm in very rural North Dakota.

We are pretty happy most of the time, but now winter has set in and I need something else to do!

I hope you all will join me in giving advice as to what are bad opportunities and which are good.

Family advice, parenting, sports ( I am an avid football, nascar, baseball fan!) cars, money, you name it, you can spray it as I like to say! Just please keep it clean!

Well that is all for now folks!
Have a good one!