Thursday, November 30, 2006

Endless Submissions

Swirls of websites and forms, words are becoming blurs, and I am not even sure if I am typing the right things anymore!!!!

Maybe everyone was right when they told me that I was nuts to try and take on this venture of blogging and doing surveys and reading emails and trying to give advice to some other poor creature like myself!

I have spent most of my day as you most likely can guess if you are a pro at this submitting my blogs url to websites for permission to list it among some of the most amazing blogs that I have ever read! ( Yes, I do tend to get a bit distracted) I feel a little discouraged that my own writing will ever rival theirs, but alas that is what an apprentice is all about, right????

I did run across a really good site that saved me some good time and actually had some "reputable search engines" that it would submit my site to for free and with relatively little hassle. Just a sign up little form and verification of an valid email address.

They are totally free and it just takes the time to get the email back to confirm your address to be able to submit with them.

I do however recommend only doing a few sites at a time as I did have a problem with the first and 4th sites not accepting sites at the time I was submitting and it will shut down the whole process. Just saves frustration that way. Otherwise all was good and very easy to navigate and find.

They also have some great articles to include on your own blog/website if so interested, and some good tips also.

Check it out if you are into this sort of thing.

Have a great warm cozy night!

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