Thursday, October 11, 2007

My car got totaled last week!

Hey everyone! Me, duh! Anyways it has been one hellacious week for me and the hubby. Last Thursday night while my husband was at work our car got totaled by a grain truck that was in the parking lot. No one was hurt as there was no one in either vehicle, but we are out the car now. Insurance only covered about half of the cost of the car, but at least we have found two vehicles now to replace the one!

Sometimes things have a way of working out for the best.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

We are off to the races!

Just messing around with my profile and other stuff on the site today. Trying to decide exactly which offers I want to take and post on here as I do try to keep it to stuff that actually might interest someone out there! lol

Also I am trying to find a place to live up in good old Willyville! I got the job that I was hoping for! So now we are in a bit of a dilemma as to what in the world to do with the kiddies and the dog and trying to figure out how we are going to swing this with only one working vehicle! Sounds impossible but I shall prevail as I really really want this job! Who wouldn't when I get paid $12.50 an hour and all for just looking at images all day! :)

Well, I will get back on here at some point today to do another post and to tell all in how my ptc, etc.... are going now.

Catcha later,

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Luxury Hotel listings all in one place

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Gotta love it!

You gotta love a program that pays you even when you are not online! :) As some of you may know I have been off line now for a couple of months. Sucks but can't be helped. Anyways I am a member of and I haven't done anything with the program for a couple of month's but I got a notice from paypal today that I had Been paid! Just gotta love that!

Try it out if you haven't already. Just about the easiest money you can get online!

Talk more later!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Nice to see you again!

Well.....Needless to say it really sucks not having internet hooked up at the house anymore, but discounting that, everything is starting to look up for me and my little family.

Hubby got a new job, after being off work for three months. Decent pay with a butt load of overtime so we should be getting things back to normal and even better shortly. As long as I can hold onto my sanity for a while until we move closer to his work. I have to say that in all honesty that I forgot just how hard it is to control three little rugrats without my hubbies help. Makes me wonder how in the world I got along without him before. :)

I guess we don't realize exactly how hard something is until we don't have to do it anymore and then are thrown right back in the middle of it again.

Me...I have an interview for a data management job on Wednesday. It pays $12.50 an hour to start and will last for 8 months with a possibility of becoming permanent. It would be great to get the job, but I shall not get my hopes up to high as I have a bad track record with getting jobs. Hopefully this time will be different. Plus I have a brand new pair of shoes to wear for the interview! lol

It is my oldest boys birthday on Tuesday. My how time flies when you are trying to keep your head! He will be 8 already!

Both boys are doing good in school and loving their new teachers respectively. I have not had a chance to meet either one, but I shall remedy that shortly. It is really just to bad that they will have to change schools in a month or two when we move, but they are both resilient to changes.

Also, little girl started dance classes two weeks ago. I cannot stop her from hopping around the house trying to do all her dance moves now. She has currently broke two knick knacks and knocked over countless glasses from the table. Oh well, I guess I should just relax and enjoy it.

Catch ya later,

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Hey everyone!

Hi all readers. Unfortunately it has been a while since I have been on and posted. This is because I got my phone turned off and therefor no internet. Hopefully things will start to look up sooner rather than later.... I can hope anyways.

Well that is all for now.....Have a good one.


Sunday, July 22, 2007

Easy money earner

Hey all! I figured it was about time to let you all in on a little secret that I have been running on my computer for the last two months. Cashfiesta! You get paid points to just do all of your normal surfing, plus you get paid points for your referrals also!

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Friday, July 20, 2007

What you been up to?

Not a whole lot on this end is going on except trying to cope with having a teenager in the house for the summer! Text, text, text is about all I get out of her! I swear if she didn't have that damned phone attached to her hand at all hours of the day and night she would die of miscommunication! She even takes the damn thing into the shower with her! UGggggggH!

The inventor of text messages should have to deal with a teenager when she is wrapped up in her phone more than she is interacting with a real human being that is right next to her. Almost humiliating how little she actually does pay attention to what I say!!!! I am already about ready to throw that damn thing away and she has only been here two weeks!

Are all teens like this?

Plus she is in this kick right now about not talking showers except when she is told to. I remember when I was 13, I couldn't wait to take a shower everyday and brush my teeth and look my absolute best even if the only people that saw me were my dogs and my mom. Have things changed so much since then?

Plus, she cannot stand to spend any time with her little brothers and sister, but she will go over to the other house and spend hours watching tv and playing with my little neice that is one of the biggest brats that I have ever met! Go figure.

Well now that I have gotten that rant out of my system......I feel the same.

Catcha later!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Are you interested in airambulance services?

One of the newest and most resourceful things that I have heard of for the medical occupation is the air ambulance ! These things are saving lives all over the country already. And couldn't have come about at a better time.

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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Masterseek is here to save the day!

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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Keepcash is soooo easy

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How is your summer shaping up?

Well here in ND it is shaping up to be a doozy! The kids are already complaining that it is too hot to go outside and too hot to stay inside, so what are they to do? lol

Leave it up to my kids to say something like that and leave me in a bind. I shall love them dearly as I am throwing a fit about their obtusiveness!

Then we are planning on a birthday party on the 31st. Yes my middle guy will be 6! (Sniff Sniff) They are growing so fast!

Of course the only thing he wants is Spiderman, Spiderman, Spiderman! Gag me please. I have been going through this for over 3 years now with him and he is just as stubborn as I am about it. You would think that he would have found something else to worship by now! But alas the curtains, sheets, comforter, clothes, underwear, shoes and toys are all spiderman! The kid would literally walk around wearing spiderman everyday if I didn't make him wear something else every now and then.

I suppose I really shouldn't be surprised as I was one of those kids that obsessed over one character for years - Barbie! Well and Strawberry shortcake later on. But I didn't have every new toy and invention that came on the market back then. I got a select few and had to drool over the rest!

But little does my child know that he is already getting a spiderman fold out chair for his birthday. I picked one up when we were in Wisconsin for him. Then hid it before they got back home when we got back. hehehe I am just so sneaky. He really thinks that I haven't bought him anything yet and is pouting about it everyday. Poor thing.

I am just wondering what theme I should have for his party. Spiderman, you think? Would be the most obvious of solutions, but gets boring after the second year. We shall see.

Well that is all for now.

Catcha Later!

Myfitnesspal is here to save your calories!

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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Pingo everyone?

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Back from Wisconsin!!!

Hello everyone! Glad to be back and sleeping in my own bed! ;) That is really the one thing that I miss the most when I am away from home. My bed! Well and the dog too.

Hubby and I went to Wisconsin to pick up his daughter last week and ended up staying for an extra few days, but that is how is usually goes when we are there. Nothing ever pans out how it was originally supposed to. We had some fun and went to the big fireworks gamboree that they have in Cumberland, WI every year so I at least got to see the fireworks.

Missed the kids terribly though as I was not able to take them with me. Conflicts with visitation and all that good junk. So grandma had them for the rest of the week. Thank God for mother in-laws! (Never thought I would hear those words coming off the tips of my fingers!!!!!)

Hubby worked while we were there to be able to pay for the way back, but unfortunately we are still in the same boat financially. Which is not a penny to our names, but I am trying to get some more posts done for payperpost and bloggerwave, and also blogitive so that I can earn a little cash. Meanwhile hubby will be looking for a job that will allow him to take off for a week at the beginning of August so that we can bring his daughter back home. Not an easy thing to do.

Would be really nice of my ex would catch up on his child support that he owes which is in the $1000 range now. But as my grandpa always says "Wishes in one hand and shit in the other and see which one fills up faster" so I am not holding my breathe.

I am still doing my PTC, and PTR's and surveys, but am having troubles making minimum payouts on them, so I am still looking for other opportunities that actually make me money, so if any of you that read this have a good legitimate opportunity, please please pass it along!

Catcha Later!

Friday, June 29, 2007

Digital framez are the future!

Have you been thinking of delving into the wonderful wold of digital picture frame for your home or office
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All frames start at $99 from what I could tell from browsing around on the site, which as far as I have found is a pretty good bargain! Plus right now they are running a promotion for a FREE 256mb memory card with a 10" digital frame order. (This will run you a cool $199, but well worth it to take down all of those old boring wooden and plastic frames that only hold one picture at a time!)

With you can have the best of both worlds. Modern technology and all of your pictures come together in flawless symphony. If you are also so inclined you can place movies, dvix, xvid, and mp3's in your digital frame! Go wild and be imaginative! You never know what kind of projects you can conceive of when you put your mind to it!

Check them out for awesome deals and steals.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Bloggerwave is up!

Have any of you awesome bloggers heard of Bloggerwave yet? Well now you have! Bloggerwave is a new online blogging site that pays you the blogger to advertise on your blog! They haven't been in business all that long which is what makes me so attracted to it!

Now I, the lonely blogger without a huge ranking at Alexa, Google, and others have the same opportunities as the big guys without all the competition! Well at least for a little while anyways, until everyone else catches onto the secrets.

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Friday, June 22, 2007

Got Smorty?

Are you like me? Are you always looking for that next new way to earn some money online? Especially if you have a blog? Now you can get paid for blogging!

It is not easy to find reputable companies that pay you for your hard earned time and space. Some places take up to 2 months to compensate you for all of your hard work. Well not anymore! I have found a new site for bloggers to get paid from.

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What a fish tale! True story!

Fish Story _ True story

A guy who lives at Lake Conroe,

(50 miles north of Houston), saw a ball bouncing around kind of strange in the lake and went to investigate.

It turned out to be a flathead catfish that had obviously tried to swallow a basketball which became stuck in its mouth!!

The fish was totally exhausted from trying to dive, but unable to because the ball would always bring him back up to the surface.

The guy tried numerous times to get the ball out, but was unsuccessful. He finally had his wife cut the ball in order to deflate it and release the hungry catfish.

You probably wouldn't have believed this,

if you hadn't seen the following pictures...

Be kinder than necessary. 'Cause everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle.

A great selection of ceiling fans and more!

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Went fishing with the kiddies

Yesterday me and the hubby went fishing with the kiddies out at the little dam that is about a half mile from the house. It was fun and relaxing sitting on the dock and hanging our poles over the side. We saw several box turtles that were extremely interested in us and what we were doing, but I wasn't able to catch them without getting into the water, which I won't do. I seem to have a phobia about not being able to see what is underneath me. lol

Anyways the kids did most of the catching while the hubby did all of the releasing. Bullheads can get really nasty when they are pissed off, let me tell you. I didn't fancy getting myself stung by one so I let the hubby handle that aspect. Damien, my middle one caught the first fish of the day along with three more afterwards. While my youngest, Madison, came in a close second with 3 catches. I myself had one and the hubby had one. Can we say beginners luck? Geez.

Oh, well it was fun and a great time with the kids, so I am not complaining, too much!

Catcha later!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Joke of the day

A blonde's car gets a flat tire on the Interstate one day;
so she eases it over onto the shoulder of the road.

She carefully steps out of the car and opens the trunk.
She takes out two cardboard men, unfolds them and stands
them at the rear of the vehicle facing oncoming traffic.

The life like cardboard men are in trench coats exposing
their nude bodies to approaching drivers.
Not surprisingly, the traffic became snarled and backed up.
It wasn't very long before a police car arrives.

The Officer, clearly enraged, approaches the blonde of the
disabled vehicle yelling, "What is going on here?"

"My car broke down, Officer" says the woman, calmly.

"Well, what the hell are these obscene cardboard pictures
doing here by the road?!" asks the Officer.

"Helllllooooo, those are my emergency flashers!" she replied.

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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Joined yet? Why not?!?

If you are anything like me you cannot get enough of the paid to click sites that have been coming out recently!!!

I am really excited about the because it is almost exactly like, but a little bit faster! Plus, I can promote it a little and hopefully get some referrals underneath me so that I can start making some money off of it. :)

Hope to see some of you there with me!

Catcha later!

Friday, June 8, 2007

Absolutely delicious FREE coloring pages for your little girl!

Are you looking for a great place to have your children go and do their ownColoring Pages? Well I have found a great site that offers you the option of even uploading your own personal pen or ink drawings and using them for coloring pages! All for free!

Check out some of the amazing photos that have been created while using this amazing software! They have lots of different categories available to choose from including: Disney, fiaries, Barbie, pony, flowers, Princesses, and so much more! There is way to much to list, but there truly is something for every little girl out there, or even the older ones!

I know I had some great fun coloring in my own coloring page and I am 26! :)

Once your child has finished their coloring page you can also save it and make it live for all of your friends to be able to see what you colored or try coloring your pic themselves. This is the ultimate collection of coloring pages that I have seen online so far. I really do recommend checking them out and seeing what all you can find on their site! It is not just limited to coloring pages, their is tons more stuff that is available on this site also!

Mylot has paid me!

As some of you may know I am a member of a great online community....Mylot! I absolutely love going on and starting discussions,and answering others. I have a list of about 50 friends now and am constantly busy keeping in touch with most of them.

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Catcha later!

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Incentive offers on the sidebar - make money with me!

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Basically you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours concept.

You see I got tired of all these websites that would only pay $.50 for these offers when I KNOW that they get a more substancial income from my sign up! Not fair, I say! So now I am doing something about it!

Please remember though that not every offer has the same incentive attached to it. I used the most lucrative offer as an example. Some of the free offers that I have listed only pay me a dollar or two, so I will not be able to give as big a payout with them as I can with others. If you are in doubt about any of this please drop me a line and I would be more than happy to explain and tell how much each incentive offer is worth at that given time! I am here to help make you some money too!

Catcha later!

I have been peopleized!

Check out my new interview with Halil over at that was finally released! I am so excited about this great opportunity that was given to me and I hope that you all enjoy the interview and maybe learn something new about me as an individual, not just a blogger.

Just click here to be taken directly to the interview if you are interested.

Hope that you all enjoy and make sure to leave me some comments here about it.

Catcha later!

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Kids will be back in two days!

The kids should be back finally in 2 days! Yes! I have been trying to keep my sanity while getting some much needed stuff done in the process! I have deep cleaned the living room, and put tile up in my bathroom shower, vacuumed, and went through all of those annoying little letters that always get saved for some stupid reason! lol

I also finally conquered all the laundry! Whew! I never thought that would ever happen again in my lifetime! lol Makes it a lot easier to do laundry and catch up when you don't have three extra people in the house with you!

I have missed them terribly, but they sound like they are having fun with their dad, so I will wait the extra 2 days to get them back. But I am sure that I will smother them with kisses and hug them very tightly when I do finally get to see them again!

Catcha later!

Mac Poker Anyone?

Are any of you interested in playing online poker, but you just haven't been able to find a reputable online gambling site that will work on your Mac computer? Well wait no longer because I have found a great site that lists reputable online gambling sites that are interactive with your Mac computer or have seperate installations designed specifically for you!

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Watford City's Hopping Nightlife Scene

Description of what there is to do in my hopping little town of Watford City, ND! Movies, bars, nightlife, you name it we got it!

read more | digg story

I Would Never Be Caught Without My TP!!!

Why I am obsessed with Angel Soft Tissue Paper! A definite must read - check it out and leave me some feedback!

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Monday, June 4, 2007

Joke of The Day - via Narendra Shenoy :)

Five Germans in an Audi Quattro arrive at the Italian border.
The Italian Customs Officer stops them and tells them "It's-a illegal-a to putt-a 5 people in a Quattro."
"Vot do you mean it's illegal?" asks the German driver.
"Quattro means-a four-a!" replies the Italian official.
"Quattro is just ze name of ze fokken automobile" the Germans says unbelievingly. "Look at ze dam papers: ze car is designed to karry 5 persons."
"You cant-a pull-a that-a one on me-a!" replies the Italian customs officer. "Quattro means-a four.
You have five-a people in-a your car and therefore-a youarr-a breaking da law!"
The German driver replies angrily, "You idiot! Call your supervisor over.I vant to speak to someone viz more intelligence!"
"Sorry" responds the Italian officer, "He can't-a come. He's a busy with da 2 guys in da Fiat Uno."

Payperpost direct ~ In details we trust!

Payperpost Direct has finally launched! This is absolutely the best thing that Payperpost has done lately. Now all producers and advertisers can cut out the middle man when it comes to their own advertising on their prospective websites and blogs!

Payperpost has invented a widget badge that you can put directly on your blog or website for advertisers to deal directly with you for their advertising! You can save an awesome amount if you have ever tried some other reviews and advertising opportunities. When using payperpost direct you will only be giving away 35% of your revenue instead of a whopping 50-100% of your commissions.

Why should you pay more for a lesser opportunity when you can exploit Payperpost Direct for less than half the overhead costs? It really doesn't make a whole lot of sense if you really think about it! I mean think about it isn't a 10% processing fee a lot better than a 50-100% fee for all of your hard work? I sure think so!

You still get paid for your regular blog ads that you can do through payperpost at the same time as utilizing this great new service that literally cuts out the middleman! You can hash out the blog entries that the advertisers really want instead of trying to make your way clear through all of the confusing details that sometimes get your posts rejected and therefor you get no money!

You also now have the opportunity to "bench" certain offers and advertisers and they can therefor do the same to you. This way we all get to the people and the advertisers that we are most interested in. That way you won't keep getting the same old offers from the same old advertisers that you really aren't interested in.

Everything is easier to manage with Payperpost still tracking all of your transactions to give you a yearly statement of all your earnings to present to the lovely tax villians that I call the IRS, but they must be paid, so they make it easy to keep track of it all! No more fears of an audit for me!

Try it out, sign up and see if you like it, you really have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Thursday, May 31, 2007

It will be a week tomorrow! Recap of the week so far

I was just sitting here surfing on the internet and it hit me that my kids have been gone for a week as of tomorrow! Oh my god! It sometimes seems forever and then it sometimes seems like they just left yesterday! Weird...

I talked to the kids at about 7 tonight, it was a good conversation with the usual "Ummm...I don't knows" thrown in for good measure when asked what they have been up to....Typical little butts always have to make it like pulling teeth for them to say anything! :) Gotta love em though!

I figured that I would finally have time to catch up on my lack of posting and neglecting my marketing, and the biggest no no, not posting on mylot and clicking on my ptc sites. *tisk tisk* Well so far, I haven't really gotten much of anything done this week. Except for spending money that I really can't afford to keep myself entertained and not driving up the walls sitting at home.

The few programs that I have been doing are surfing for traffic on >Screenblaze which is so easy, all I have to do is open the browser while I am surfing and just let it run, or I can leave my internet connection running and watch my screensaver! Free to join and you don't have to pay anything ever!

Marketing Pond is another website that I have been checking out a lot recently. Learning the ropes and making sure that I have all my referral id's in a row, so that I can get some more signups to some really great sites that I am a member of.

Well that is all for now, I shall work up some better statistics for some of my programs in another post.

Catcha later

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Anybody doing adraker yet?

I just signed up for this new ads program that is called! You get paid for posting your ads and reading just 1, yes I said 1 email per day! That is all it takes to stay active with their program and earn revenue shares from the company!

You get a chance to earn for FREE bonus slots that will earn you X amount of dollars every pay period when they calculate all the revenue that has been brought in and divide it up among the users that are active.

It really couldn't be simpiler to get some easy cash from this company!

Why don't you all try it out and see what you think?

As always signups underneath me are always greatly appreciated and if you do signup underneath me, please send me an email or comment letting me know so, and I will publish your site in a seperate post as my way of saying thanks!

Catcha later!

Monday, May 28, 2007

Are you like me? Always looking for another way to monotenize your blog(s)? Good!

I have been utilizing for some of the money that I bring in via my blog for about a month now. They pay a lot better than Payperpost, when you get a tasked assigned to you that is! Sometimes the tasks can take a long time in coming your way, but it helps if your blog is seen by a lot of readers! Helps a lot!!!

First thing to remember about blogsvertise is categories. Make sure you pick the appropriate categories or you will not get any offers! Sad but true...Advertisers are not always looking to advertise for Depends....or something similar. lol
Check out all the categories before selecting the ones that pertain to your blog.

Second thing to remember is to make sure to complete your assigned offers on a timely basis. I have had several opportunities time out because they were caught by my spam filter. Frustrating as I missed out on $20 for those tasks. :(

Third thing check your filter for tasks! lol

Always log in everyday to see if there is an assigned task to complete. But make sure that you have at least 3 entries in between tasks on your blog. Also they do not like advertising from other companies to be close to their's. They will decline your postings if you don't follow this rule. So be careful in your timing.

Last of all check them out as it is completely free to sign up with them and to get started. The sooner you check the sooner you get started. :)

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Lapse of concentration...Sorry Narendra!

I am correcting an oversite that I made about a month ago! I had promised that anyone that submitted a joke to me that I could use on the sidebar would get a post within my blog with their own blog url in it! Well, feather brained me forgot all about doing the promised post for the one and only person that ever submitted a joke to me! I thank you so kindly Narendra for your thoughtfulness in submitting a joke for me to use. :)

I sincerely apologize for the oversite and lack of concentration that lead me to not post this sooner.

Catcha later!

Went on a cruise today

Hello everyone! I hope that everyone's weekend so far has been as good as mine went today! lol Me and the hubby went cruising over to the South Unit of Theodore Roosevelt National Park for the day. We went all the way through the 36 mile loop around the park and ate Taco Pizza from the Pizzeria in Medora that was to die for! Well maybe not THAT Good, but it was good! ;)

We got to see all the little prairie dogs and the buffalo! We almost ran right up the hind end of one that we didn't even see till we were right up on him! I will upload pics tomorrow as I am being to lazy right now to get the camera and set it up and do all that. It took a lot more out of me to go hiking than I thought it would! :)

Some of you may know by now that the kiddies are gone for two weeks to their dad's house. I am freaking already and missing them like crazy! I kept finding myself looking over my shoulder to point something cool out to the kids, and they weren't there! Ugh! Hubby is trying to help out as much as he can, but he goes back to work tomorrow for another 6 days, so the days will be mine to squander on absolutely nothing but myself. Weird.

Anyways, I will post more tomorrow when the nogging is actually awake.

Catcha later!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Why I love using Payperpost on my blog!

One of the easiest ways that you can getads on blogsis by utilizing the amazing opportunities that offers!

As I am sure some of you may have noticed that I have been utilizing for a while now. :) I haven't done a lot of posts for them as sometimes it takes forever to log on and I lose my patience, but that is my computer's fault. Must get a new one! lol

I like Payperpost for a few different reasons:

1) I get paid to post my opinion on an advertising opportunity that I probably never would have heard of if it wasn't for Payperpost. I have done several that I thought were excellent ads that I really liked.

2) I get to choose which opportunities that I want to do. No one tells me what I have to do. There are hundreds of different opportunities available to me, I just need to find the ones that I want.

3) Guaranteed income! Need I say more???

4) Payperpost is a reputable company that a lot of people have already heard of! People are more willing to click on a link for payperpost than an unknown company!

5) I can do as many opportunities as I want! There are no limits to what I can do with my blog! I could post a hundred opportunities on my blog and as long as they are well written and thought out, I will get paid. :)

You can also get your very own blog reviews utilizing payperpost advertising!

I have been using Payperpost for about 4 months now and have been paid $25 for the few posts that I have done so far with no problems whatsoever! I couldn't be happier with my membership. I encourage any fellow bloggers that are not utilizing this powerful advertising and income opportunity to check it out as soon as possible! You really have nothing to lose and everything to gain!


Monday, May 14, 2007

Get Free Targeted Website Traffic


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Safelists and AdBlasts

I became a member of several different safelisters and adblasting websites a few weeks ago and have been trying to utilize them to my best advantage. It is sometimes hard to get your ad read by all those people that are also getting about 500 other emails a day that are not yours, but it is possible, and actually rather easy sometimes. It all depends on your pick-up line, as I like to call it. The title of your ad can make or break you in the safelisting and adblasting world online.

If your title is liable to make me fall asleep, I do not click it. If your title is the exact same as about 200+ other emails that have come into my inbox, I delete it. If your title is too focused into a certain group of people, I usually will delete it also. No hard feelings involved, I am just not interested in what you are offering. I do click into about 50+ emails everyday that I get from my safelists and also my adblaster sites. These are the people that have taken the time and effort to come up with a snappy, come hither, title that I just couldn't resist finding out what was in store for me on the other end. That is the biggest keep to making a success out of your lists and blasts that you send. You have to appeal to what somebody wants or desires.

Not easy but it can be done. I have had about 25 responses to one ad that I posted about a week ago and then I had about 30 to another one. Not bad. I could do better, but I am still refining my own techniques.


Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Can it really be done? I think I might have found the way!

Ok I have been doing a lot of thinking and clicking and responding and surfing as of late and I was just wondering to myself what it is all for. Well it is all for money of course! What kind of question is that?!? I am doing it all for the money and then I do it for the pleasure of conquering something that I have not been able to conquer before!!! I am woman hear me roar... Whoops wrong track there! Anyhoo..

I have been doing all these behind the scenes things as of late and I am feeling somewhat in the shadows around here lately. Maybe it is just my outgoing personality or it is my abhorrance for other people getting taken for a ride, but I want to be able to share all of this useful info with everyone! It is hard to get it all down in one blog post without boring you all to tears. Plus it would be long.

There are a lot of things that you really need to do if you are going to make a go of anything on the internet! I really did not realize what I was getting into when I started all of this, but I have learned a few things since I did start. Not to say that I am doing a whole lot better now, but I have finally found the right path and I am finally starting to see some results. It took me a lot of time and effort, and not to say the least of which a lot of frustration with a lot of programs that didn't deliver what they promised. When it was all staring right at me in the face!

And it is all free! What more could I really have asked for? I have finally found a breakthrough in my referrals, and I really couldn't be happier. Now if I could just put it all in a concise order and get a handle on how to manage everything so that it would make sense to someone other than me, I might have something!

Plus I am hopeless at building my own website. I have a bravenet account and I can't even figure out how to get files on there to even get something to come up on my front page. Geez..I am starting to feel like an idiot there! But I am determined not to spend any money on my venture to do this, so I will keep plodding away until I get it and then chronicle my ventures so others can maybe follow.

Here's to your success and mine!

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Clicking away for money

I have been trying to find some other online ad viewing sites lately and I ran across a couple of good ones. I thought that I would share them with you in case you all were interested. They are pretty low pay out and the one that in highlighted in the top link and the very bottom link has about $13.00 in clicks. I just signed up about an hour ago and I am just getting my feel for it but the timer isn't bad at all, it is actually quite fast for me, which is saying a lot! lol And there are a lot of clicks available to me, and I took the free membership which entitled me to 1,000+ clicks right off the bat, so I am intrigued to say the least. They are all 1 cents clicks right now, but that adds up quick.

The second link is up to 5 cents clicks. Onsite ad views only. Sister site of Check them out if you wish.


Friday, April 20, 2007

Anyone do the traffic exchanges?

I have been surfing and clicking on traffic exchanges for the last week and wondering if it is going to do me any good. ;0) I am finding myself getting just a little desperate for money right at the moment and wondering if I can really pull this off. I need to relax. I need to get my ducks in a row and just do what I told myself I was going to do. Other people do this all the time right?!? Right? So why can't I?

Well I have joined about 10 different traffic exchanges so far, but I really don't know which ones are the best, and which ones are going to bring me in the traffic that I need for my sites. If you have any suggestions please feel free to leave them in the comments. :0) I will be very grateful for any help.

Well I will be going back to my surfing now. See you all later and have a great day.

Free Traffic Tycoon

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

One-Day Blog Silence Initiative in honor towards the victims of Virginia

This day shall unite us all about this unbelievable painful & shocking event and show some respect and love to those who lost their loved ones. On April 30th 2007, the Blogosphere will hold a One-Day Blog Silence in honor towards the victims of Virginia. 33 died at the US college massacre. Everyone with a blog can join this special event.

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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Monex Deposit Company

Are any of you blog readers out there into investment opportunities or even into really cool stuff? I have a great company for you then! I was reading my blogitive opportunities and I ran across this really great one that I thought deserved a shout! They are all about silver coins, gold coins, silver bullion, gold bullion, and selling and trading all of these things.

Monex Deposit Company (MDC) will even ship your order to a personal bank for safe storage of your choosing! They also have exclusive personal handling as another option of delivering your precious metals right to your door. Monex Deposit Company has been in business for over 30 years in the precious metals investments exchange, so you can rely on these guys to deliver a reliable product with a fool proof guarantee.

As I was looking around the site I noticed that they show charts and prices for the current stock exchanges and let me tell you those numbers are pretty nice! The silver and gold bullion prices alone were astounding, so I think these guys are right on with there investment predictions that NOW is the TIME to buy into those SILVER and GOLD coin and bullion investments.

With the prices that this company is offering their products you can't really go wrong with these investments as you are sure to get a return on your initial investments as the silver stocks alone have been on a continual rise since 1990. As professional investors will tell you, our above ground resources of silver and gold ingots are steadily decreasing as we cannot keep up with the demand for silver every year.

Now would be the time to invest when the prices are still low. It is well worth the visit to this site to see what the investment process is all about and to see how easy it all can really be, to get a jump on all the competition and set up a little nest egg of your own for the future.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Need to move

Here's the deal:

Yesterday my mother in-law comes over to our house, which is only about 30 feet away from their house, {can we say close quarters?} and proceeds to inform my husband that we now need to start paying $400 dollars rent for living here! ARE YOU KIDDING ME???????

Ok, let me give you a little background info before you start thinking that $400 bucks is pretty cheap rent for a house. My husband and I moved into this house about a year and a half ago, because my in-laws offered to let us, FOR FREE! No rent, just pay the utilities. Which we do, faithfully, every month. What they did not tell us when offering this, was that the basement was literally full of crap, and not the figurative kind the literal kind! Skeletons of dead animals, no I am not kidding...

There are also the carcasses of 3 old water heaters, 1 old water softener, and old oil drum, which is the same size as I am but twice the size around as me, and is on steel legs that stand higher than me. And the grand topper of them all is the fact that there is over a foot of dirt covering the whole thing! There is a huge hole in the foundation for a cellar door that is not there and there are gaps all over where the house sits on the foundation, where the animals evidently got in? Hello people! Am I this desperate? I suppose I am, or was, or whatever.

The upstairs is fine, but small, very small, claustrophobic small, are we getting the essence of what I am saying here? We are a family of 5 with one very big dog. We are now crammed into a house that has two bedrooms that barely manage to fit one full size bed into them. Let alone dressers and the like. Put it this way, my bedroom does not have a door and neither does my kids. We are right next to each other.

At least my living room is big and so is my kitchen. But that does not compensate, let me tell you!

Well all I have to say is, I am out of here, as soon as I can find a different place! I cannot believe these people. Are you kidding me?

Friday, April 13, 2007

Link for mylot

Just doing a link post for to claim my blog.
myLot User Profile

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Posted my first ad on ptr today!

Well I went all out today and posted my first ad on today. I figured I might as well take advantage of the advertising package that came with my $5.00 upgrade that I made on April 2nd. {don't ask me what in the world I was thinking, except to prove a point} They do offer a pretty attractive advertising package for that 5 bucks though!

I was in a hurry as usual and didn't read all of the fine print..blah, blah, blah, as I call it, and just signed my name on the dotted line so to speak and paid my $5 and that's all she wrote folks!

Well now I am working on getting some referrals, so I can continue to stay home with my dearest children {that are by the way, currently driving me bonkers} and still be able to keep my lights on and my computer running. So, I starting making my fuzzy rust covered brain start working again and remember that, OH YEAH, that $5 that I so foolishly squandered over at giga-mails for an upgrade also came with an advertising campaign! Smart little old me after all! hehehehe

I just knew there was a silver lining in that cloud somewhere! I just had to squint hard enough to find it! I am not a total pessimistic after all, I do have that one little tiny bone still left in me that still believes that I can make this happen, and soon. My butt may be sore, and mine eyes might be tired, but I shall persevere!lol

Oh yeah, the ad was for mylot by the way. I am promoting that one, and my next one will most likely be for clixsense or for my blog. I have not decided which yet. I am more leaning for my blog. What do you think? Throw me a line and let me know.

Peace chicas!


Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Screen shot of earnings for

mylot earnings

I have been tinkering around on the internet a bit lately trying to figure out how everybody does those cool little webshots of earnings and all of that stuff, and I finally ran across a discussion yesterday on that FINALLY told me how to do this! Groovy baby. So I decided to tinker on here and give you guys a preview of my earnings on just to see what it is like.

Please be forewarned that I have not been able to do much so far, but you can see the marked difference in the days that I actually do something on the site!

Check it out if you are interested. I am finding myself logging on daily to see if there is anything interesting and new to respond to. Can we say addicted? Plus I am finding that I am starting to like some of the people also.


Check ya later

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Recent posts

I have been playing around with lately and trying to drive some traffic to some of my published articles that I have done on Associated Content. That is why there are some really short posts on here that don't look anything like what I normally would post. ;0)

I cannot for now figure out for the life of me how to get a little digg button on each of my posts and it is absolutely driving me crazy!!!! But alas, I will put aside my frustrations and concentrate on something else and come back to it later when I am not feeling quite so crappy and out of sorts with myself as I am today. This is day 2 of whatever bug has been hounding the house and the househoold members in it, so I am starting to get cranky.

Meeting Mr. Porcelain God this morning was not my idea of a fun time. And yes I do call it a mr as I don't think any woman would be so mean as to wish puking on anyone. Just a little feminist humor there for you....

Ahh well...I will keep plugging along and get what I can done.

Check ya soon.

Flashing Your Children! Should Nudity Be Natural or Forbidden in Your House

Editorial opinion supporting the opinion that nudity in the household promotes a healthy attitude in children and their experiences in everyday life.

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PTR Junkies Guide to Making Money Reading Emails

Insiders view on how to make even more reading paid emails. Tips and useful tricks on getting referrals and earning even more money from just clicks in your inbox.

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My discussion about PTR programs

I finally have cracked the invisible facade of mylot with a discussion that people are actually responding to! Phew!!! I was starting to wonder if I had the plague sign stuck to my forhead when it came to hitting that little respond to this discussion button on my page. Oh well, it has finally started and now I am finally on my way to some real earnings and making friends and that is what it seems to take when making money on mylot.

After having spent the last two days reading discussions made by the top referrers and {yes} money makers, on the site, I finally started to get the drift of where all of there money was really coming from. Friends first and foremost, and then referrals, posts and discussions that go back and forth, and lenthy dialogues that tend to ramble to be honest.

I could spend 20 minutes reading some of these discussions and still never get to the end of them, if I didn't get tired of them and just jump to the end to see where the thread has ended and leave my post! Geez some of these people can get long winded sometimes. But, that is what it takes to make the money and they have figured this out! They have also figured out that they get more money for posting pics. Sounds weird but it is all about content! Mylot wants content and lots of it! That is the whole idea in a nutshell as far as I can figure.

Well I am off to test my theory some more. Please join me at some of my discussions and see what you can do!


Monday, April 9, 2007

Don Imus is Suspended from MSNBC!

I for one think it is only fit and proper that radio syndicate Don Imus was suspended today after making racial slurs against Rutgers Womens College Basketball team last Friday on his radio talk show "Imus in the Morning" that is affiliated with CBS Radio and

Don Imus was heard to call the players, and I do quote, "Nappy headed ho's". And this is from a Nationally accredited Radio Talk Show host? What is this person thinking? Is this what are children need to be listening to now a days? And then to have to the nerve to go on Reverend Al Sharpton's Radio Talk Show and try to say that he is "Sorry that he has said this, but he is not a bad man."

Give me a break man. You have got to be kidding me if you think that this little slip of the liberal tongue will be let slip by without a severe lashing by every community that you are affiliated with, but every radio and tv personality is now going to be treating you like you have the proverbial plague my friend! You have black listed yourself quite literally in the space of 15 seconds on the air and you didn't even think you had done anything wrong.

I have to laugh at how really stupid you think we as American's really are. We are not living back in the 1950's anymore where people of a different skin color are going to just stand idly by while you put them down for there skin tone or the texture of their hair or even their sexual proclivities sir. They have found their voices finally and they are strong and they are proud and I for one hope that they sue the literal pants off of you, for you are a foul mouthed old man that does not deserve to be poluting the airwaves of America with your racist garbage anymore.

Thank you.

Friday, April 6, 2007

Do you watch the Today Show

Today Show

I am sitting here wondering to myself if there is anyone out there that is as faithful to the The Today Show as I am?! I am up at least 5 times a week to watch the Early Morning Show and catch parts of it through the rest of the morning and to be honest watch it most Saturday mornings as well. Almost pathetic.

Actually I find this show to be very informative, but laid back. I like the fact that the anchors joke with each other on a daily basis and genuinely seem to like each other. I also find that they do a lot of different types of stories not just all about the war, or about politics.

I actually get a lot of my writing ideas from the show. I also subscribe to the feed from the blog of two of the staffers of the today show. They are actually really funny and are worthy of a read sometime.

At first I wasn't sure if I would like Meredith or not, but she has fit in admirably with the rest of the crew and I like her so far. I have not went over and read her blog yet, but maybe I should some day. Hey maybe she would actually write me back if I left a comment. Am I dreaming? Maybe.

Well, I am off to spend some time with the kiddies before they are off to their other dad's house for the weekend.

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Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Feeling inside out about goals

For some reason today I am in a writing mood. I have already written two articles for Associated Content this morning. Having completed my last product review about 20 minutes ago on TP. Yes, I do mean toilet paper. My mom suggested the idea, and I ran with it. Curiosity has me in this one till the end, just to see how this article will be accepted by the community and the admin as a whole.

I guess you could partly be truthfully saying that I am stubborn. Call me Jackass instead of Jane. Oh well, maybe my idea will pull off and I will get some much needed readership. I was reading another content producers article in which she stated that most of the top rated producers are getting over 500 clicks on their individual articles! Hello, I was happy with 175! I am {dragging balls} as my husband would say. I need more readership if I am going to make my goals. {gasps}

My goals are pretty simple in my opinion. I want to earn the equivalent of a full time job while staying at home. Should be fairly simple with all of my internet savviness. hahaha Or so I thought...but I am finding this harder to acheive than I first thought. I have so far bumped up my daily page rankings, but not to anything that any of the other pro-bloggers would even blink at.

I honestly don't even know if I have made any money with the sidebar ads yet. I haven't even checked them at all. I have been concentrating to much on writing articles, which has proven me that they pay me, and also blogging on here and my other site. Shameless plug coming up... Unique Northern Ramblings it is still in it's starting stages and is more personal than this one, but I do post regularly there, so check it out.

I also have been maintaining a forum Money Opportunities for the last couple of months, that you all are welcome to join and chat with me. I will be maintaining it regularly and welcome anyone to post on there with tips and suggestions and also referral links for good companies. Just please no spamming, as I will delete it. Anything else is excellent!

As some of you may also remember I am an avid fan of PTR email companies. You can also see the links on the sidebar. I sometimes take some time to do these emails, as they add up quickly if I don't stay on top of them. I have a couple of accounts that are close to payout, so I have been working on them a lot lately, hoping to get to redemption so I can post about my experience, so I can pass it on with everyone else. That is my primary goal here, to pass on good and bad experiences with work at home opportunities after all.

I also have 3 kids and a husband that shows up on my doorstep everynight about 8 o'clock and wants to be fed and get some attention, so that keeps me busy too. ;0)

Well, if there is a point to this story, it would be this, I need to aim higher (somehow, this will be figured out) and I suggest to everyone that likes to write to join up with Associated Content. It is free to join and the referral banner is on my sidebar.



Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Data Strong is a virtual font of virtual world information on the internet! You can find a host of articles about a whole range of articles ranging from articles on hacking hotmail and foxfire hosting to how to fix your Windows XP problems with detailed instructions to boot. I had a hard time settling on just one article to promote to my readers as a favorite so I decided to promote a couple of them! lol

Here is the link for the first one that I found rather interesting and informative that I think you all will find to be a good read: Making money with Adsense
This article has good original tips and tricks for little ways to make some money with google's adsense.

Here is the second article that I really liked and found interesting:
Select a web host provider
There are some good tips on how to choose the best web host provider for you and your business or site that you want to run.

I would really recommend checking out some of the articles that are on the site if either of these appealed to you at all. They have a lot of other really well written articles posted that I did not get a chance to read, but I am sure are just as worthy of mention.


My Children's teachers

Ok, maybe it is just me that is like this with my children, but I want my children to excell in school! I am somewhat hard on them when it comes to their school work. And to be honest with you, their subsuquent grades. I don't like to see B's or C's and to be brutually honest with myself and with you, I honestly don't know how I would handle a D or an F on my children's report cards. I would probably freak out! And not in a completely positive or good way either.

I myself was a straight A student in school, so maybe this has a lot to do with it.I can only remember getting below an A twice in all my school years. These were not good times for me. Not because my mom was hard on me, but because I was hard on myself. I usually didn't have to study though. I never really cracked my books, but I always took notes like a madwoman. Go figure.

Anyways, the center of my story revolves are the fact that I had parent/teacher conferences last night. All went as usual with me waiting in the hall for twenty minutes after my scheduled time before seeing the teacher for her to tell me that my youngest is doing great in school, but is a little bit of a bully on the playground. He is the shortest one of them. I can't figure that one out. In and out in 2 minutes. Tada! What the hell took the other mom so long?!!!

Straight into the other classroom, what timing! This teacher tells me that my oldest is the smartest, cutest, handsomest, helpingest.....are we getting the drift here? Blah, blah, blah.... she goes on in this vein for at least 10 minutes before telling me that he is doing great in all his studies even though he is getting a B+ in his spelling and is almost at an N in another categorie.

Ok, now since when is this all just peachy keen? Last quarter when I came in and went through all of this with her he was at all A's and now he is at almost 2 B's and this is a great thing? How so? But she things that he is just having a little trouble with the longer spelling words.

Well the child is in for a big shock when he comes home from school today, because he will be writing his spelling words three times everyday until Friday when he has his spelling test. I have found with him and myself that repitition in 3's is the key to remembering anything. Maybe it is the ADHD or the Bipolar? Don't know, but it works.

Hopefully my child will thank me someday for being so hard on him when he is so young when it comes to grade, neatness, and spelling, but I just can't stand to see him fall behind, or stumble so early in the game, when he has so many years of schooling ahead of him, and his brother. By the way my children are 7,5, and 4.


Monday, April 2, 2007

Recently published articles

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Flashing your children

Shrine Circus

Twitter is all the rage

Hope you enjoy the stories.

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I actually paid to upgrade at a ptr company today. I thought I would never do it, but I think this company is worth doing it. I feel that if I log on everyday and do most of the clicks I will be able to recoup my investment within the first month, maybe within the first two, if I slack off a little.


I have been lax in doing the paid to view ads from this company and still have over a dollar in my account from them and their payout minimum is only $10, so I should be able to make that by month's end to get my initial $10 back. I also paid the $10 so that I could have the advantage of getting to be able to view over 500+ paid ads more than what I am being able to view right now.

I believe that very shortly my investment will pay off for me and will bring me a slight revenue increase for very little effort. I am pleased with my decision and will now start promoting this company and their on-line viewing ads program to other people as a good deal.

They have had over 6million page views in the last couple of days so this site definitely has some traffic going on. I am also thinking of placing an ad on their, but want to put some more revenue sharing projects up before I start to bring in a lot more hits. That would be part of the purpose of the ad, plus readership, I just do not want to ruin the theme of the blog with tacky ads all over the place, but I do need to bring in some kind of revenue. solutions are coming.....just not much the better the rewards when I reap them!

I will keep everyone posted on my progress with and I will hope to see a few of you their even if you stay a Free member as their is still money to be earned that way also.


Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Choking Game ~ Have you heard of this?!?

In watching the Today Showthis morning they did a spot light feature on The Choking Game. I find this very alarming as a parent and also just as a concerned citizen!
How can our children be this irresponsible? Do they not recognise the dangers in this very dangerous practice? There are just so many things that can go wrong when they are playing this so called 'game'! My lord! I get the chills just thinking of my own children playing this when they get a little bit older.

Here is just a little bit of info for those of you that don't have the time to go and check out the full article:

The Choking game is a 'game' that children play where they either have a friend 'choke' them until they pass out, or they rig up some kind of rope, or scarf or something that will literally 'hang' them until they pass out. Now the most dangerous part of this is the fact that when they are by themselves once the child passes out, they have no control over what their body does.

Sometimes their body will just slip out of the make-shift 'noose' that they have rigged, but in sometimes 'fatal' choking game incidences their bodies have stayed leaning or caught in the nooses or contraptions that they have rigged and they have strangled to death.

This is NOT A GAME and all parents and guardians should be aware of the danger signs of their children playing this game! It has been around for years, and most kids whether they will admit it or not have heard of it, and most of them have participated in it in some form or another.

Here are the most obvious warning signs that your child is participating in this very dangerous game:

*Marks on the neck from ligatures(ropes)or from other peoples hands
*Frequent headaches
*Blood-shot eyes
*Closed or frequently locked bedroom doors

Some of these signs may not necessarily mean that your child is participating in this 'game', but there is a very simple way to find out, TALK TO YOUR CHILD! There is nothing better than good old fashioned communication when it comes to finding out what your children are doing.

If you find this information useful, PLEASE PLEASE forward it on, or refer someone to the website or this link and pass this information on to everyone, as I don't want to see any more children hurt from playing this senseless game. I can't imagine what the parents of those unfortunate children must be going through.


Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Payperpost actually pays!!!!!!!!

Alright here is the deal with all the review me little thingy maboppers on the site now.

I finally got my first payment from Payperpost and want to spread the happy news with everyone else! Go jenny! I have been waiting to promote Payperpost fully until I got my first payment as things were a little sketchy for a while as I got things a little mixed around on my first couple of posts and had a couple rejected as I didn't do things exactly right. {boy are they picky on some things}

I try not to promote websites and money making opportunities until I have been paid, or until I have researched them fully and know that it will be a good prospect for everyone. I don't want someone to jump in whole-heartedly and then find out that it was all a scam and a big old waste of time. That is not what I am hear for. I want all of us to succeed and make a living staying at home. ;0)

I figure if I can do it, anyone can! lol

I am by no means a genius or a guru of any kind. I am just a stay at home mom that is looking for some good opportunities to make some money without spending all my money. So any website that offers me a free opportunity to earn some money for writing some posts is right up my alley. That is exactly what payperpost is all about. They pay you to promote different advertisers on your site.

Not all of the opportunities are going to be open to you at first and not all of them are going to be to your liking either. As you may have noticed, I haven't done more than three opportunities until now. And this post is for my own benefit and to tell other people what payperpost is all about, if they don't already know.

This post has a little review me button at the end that will take you to a special review me page that will have you review my post that you are reading or any other that I have selected that have the same button on them. For every review that is done my tack rating goes up and I will be able to do more opportunities. I can't wait because most of the opportunities that I am really interesting in doing I am not able to do yet.

Now, to be completely honest I have not done a review yet, but when I find a post on a blog that I really like I will certainly do one. I just don't see many bloggers promoting this affiliate program yet. I really don't understand why, as it is a really good program, but it is in it's first stags of progress, so I am sure that more people will be promoting it as it gets more attention.

So, I guess what I am saying is that if you feel that my posts/articles inspire you in some way please show your support and review me. I greatly appreciate everyone's support, and if you are a member of payperpost send me your blog link and I will do a review for you also. I always try to pay back any support that is given to me in kind.

Best wishes to all. And make sure to check out this great program.


The shrine circus

Ok, well, the circus wasn't all it was cracked up to be. We left at intermission because for one, I had a terrible headache, and for another I couldn't stand to see the animals like that! I love animals in all their glory and cannot stand to see them mishandled in any way. Not to say that they were or anything like that, but I just cannot stand to see us humans using animals to do tricks.

I know, you all are thinking then why did she go to the circus?!? Well for one, my children wanted to go. And for another, I support the Shrine Club and what they do. They have a lot of worthy causes that they support and they benefit a lot of very sick kids and I can really get behind that.

But I think as far as next year goes, I will be just sending my money in and not attending the circus.

I will go to the zoo from now on for my wild animal fix. Enough said.

If you want to read my more lengthy response to the circus you can go to my other blog and read it there. I just wanted to follow through with the update that I promised a couple of days ago. ;0)


Monday, March 26, 2007

Going to the circus!

Going to the circus in a few hours with the kiddies. Shall return and give details later. Have a great day.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Suggestions about this blog???

OK I am opening myself up for comments here and I am asking everyone that stops by to tell me what I could change and what I should keep the same. As some of you that are regular visitors to my site may have noticed, I change up my site pretty regularly. This has become a habit of mine since starting this blog. I actually kind of like it, but it also takes away a lot of time that I probably could be using for a lot more lucrative ventures. Maybe, maybe not... is what I am I hurting my own readership by sprucing things up all the time and changing things around, or do people just not really care, or do some people like it? Is this something that will affect me in the long run and my blog status, or will it not matter either way?

Any suggestions and comments are very much appreciated, and I will consider all of them very seriously, and I thank you all in advance.

Pondering in windy ND...

Friday, March 23, 2007

Should (D) President Hopeful John Edwards get more votes?

Should (D)Presidential hopeful John Edwards getting even more media attention because of the fact that his wife has Breast Cancer?

Why should he? It is not even him that is sick with a potentially fatal disease and he is getting all of the attention! Yes, I know that his dear loving wife has said that she wants him to continue on with his campaign and all that good mubo jumbo, what else is she supposed to say?!

I for one think that it is preposterous that people are now flocking to this man just for the fact that his wife is sick! What about all of the other candidates that are sick, or have been sick? What about them? I don't see the Today Show doing a front running piece on the fact that Senator McCain has prostate cancer and survived!

There are a number of front runners in the upcoming election that are worthy candidates and I don't believe that the public should be flocking to one opponent over another over medical issues that they may or may not have. I believe that we should vote for the most worthy candidate. Platform views and all that stuff.

My personal opinion is that I am still behind Barack Obama for this Presidential Race! I really hope that he wins. I would be proud to elect him as the First Black President of the United States. I believe in what he stands for and he has a real knack for keeping his foot out of his mouth. That says a lot for a campaign runner now a days.

Think on that.


Thursday, March 22, 2007

Re: Google is Taking Over!

narendra shenoy said...
I do agree with you. Google's omnipresence is scary, to say the least. I'm smelling another microsoft in the making. Thus far, atleast, Google has been a pretty cool company, not overtly money grubbing like Microsoft is, but theres nothing like a few easy dollars to make people arrogant and insensitive. Wish Google had some decent competition

March 22, 2007 9:02:00 AM CST

This is my reply to Narendra: Please read on

jenbriese said...
Thank you Narendra, I couldn't have summed it up better myself! That is what I fear is happening too.

After I saw them buying up ad space all over the internet, and then for some reason, buying for a couple of Billion dollars, they are now everywhere! You can't click on a single page on the internet it seems without seeing their logo staring back at you.

At least if they are going to monopolize the market get some new logos and division out your company a little. Yes, I do have to admit that as most people that work there have said it is one of the best places to work.

They can afford to pay for all the private chefs in the staff cafeteria and the fancy lunch rooms. The corner offices with huge windows, and all the bean bags, or massages chairs that their employees want because they are raking in the dough hand over fist...and they want to keep the people that have made that all possible, their employees, happy.

It just would be nice if someone would stand up and say that they were better, faster, smarter, than Google and prove it. hmmm...we will see I guess.

Thanks for the comment!

March 22, 2007 4:36:00 PM CST

I wanted to share this comment with all of you to see what you all think of Google? Do you like AdSense? Do you think that Google should have some competition out there or should the Nation,and we as internet users, stand up for the little guys and make some room for other companies to stand out among the giants?

I for one really don't want to see any more monopolies on our marketplaces than are already in place, even if it is on the internet. We all use the internet! The only people that I know that don't log on everyday are my G&G's who are early 70's and could really care less for computers, and my in-laws and that is because their computer doesn't work and I am too busy on my own to let them use mine. Selfish, I know, but true.

So what are we to do? Should Google as the so called 'Good Guys' take over the marketplace, or should they not? I don't really know the right answer, I just don't seem to think that it is really fair.

Fairness seems to be an issue with me lately...

Ponder about it.

GOOGLE is starting to INVADE the earth

Is it just me or has anybody else noticed that 'Google' is starting to invade the internet everywhere I go?!? I have nothing against Google, in fact I use Google quite often to be honest.

What I DO have a problem with is monopolization of the marketplace! Isn't there any room out there for another powerhouse company? Is there no other company out there that is willing to take on Google and all of it's entities and try to get some business out there?!?

For instance, here on blogger they have now implemented the new Picassa Web Albums for us fellow bloggers that add photos to our blogs. Can you just guess who hosts these albums ~ You got it ~ Google!

Was there nobody else out there that was willing to take on this project? Is it all about the money? I can safely assume that there are at least a few companies out there with the hosting abilities to host the pictures for the blogger community! There are many hosting options out there and there are many, many servers running right now out there in the world. Google was not the only way to go here.

If any of you have been reading this blog or have had a chance to glance at the sidebar I am also a PTR Junkie! I love doing paid to read emails. They are easy money!

Lately I have been noticing an increasing rise of PTR companies that do their advertising packages through Google. You click on the link, a script starts running and you glance down in the little bar at the bottom of your screen and see http://google something or other. Your page takes 10x longer to load and all for the sake of a little bit of extra money. say the least.

What I want to know is if that money is going to Google or to the actual owners of the site? Do WE the people that are doing all the clicking get to see all those revenue dollars that WE are bringing in for these companies? Most times the answer will be a simple NO.

Does Google share all of their profits with their loyal fans and users? Maybe they do/should. Maybe there should be another company out there that promotes that exact same idea and shares all of those revenue dollars and gives all of us internet gurus/junkies something in return for all of our time spent on the internet.

Wouldn't that be nice?
We can always dream can't we?!? ;-)

Agloco Check this out if you are interested, just a suggestion.


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