Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Can it really be done? I think I might have found the way!

Ok I have been doing a lot of thinking and clicking and responding and surfing as of late and I was just wondering to myself what it is all for. Well it is all for money of course! What kind of question is that?!? I am doing it all for the money and then I do it for the pleasure of conquering something that I have not been able to conquer before!!! I am woman hear me roar... Whoops wrong track there! Anyhoo..

I have been doing all these behind the scenes things as of late and I am feeling somewhat in the shadows around here lately. Maybe it is just my outgoing personality or it is my abhorrance for other people getting taken for a ride, but I want to be able to share all of this useful info with everyone! It is hard to get it all down in one blog post without boring you all to tears. Plus it would be long.

There are a lot of things that you really need to do if you are going to make a go of anything on the internet! I really did not realize what I was getting into when I started all of this, but I have learned a few things since I did start. Not to say that I am doing a whole lot better now, but I have finally found the right path and I am finally starting to see some results. It took me a lot of time and effort, and not to say the least of which a lot of frustration with a lot of programs that didn't deliver what they promised. When it was all staring right at me in the face!

And it is all free! What more could I really have asked for? I have finally found a breakthrough in my referrals, and I really couldn't be happier. Now if I could just put it all in a concise order and get a handle on how to manage everything so that it would make sense to someone other than me, I might have something!

Plus I am hopeless at building my own website. I have a bravenet account and I can't even figure out how to get files on there to even get something to come up on my front page. Geez..I am starting to feel like an idiot there! But I am determined not to spend any money on my venture to do this, so I will keep plodding away until I get it and then chronicle my ventures so others can maybe follow.

Here's to your success and mine!

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  • Michele
  • said...

    You are a brave brave woman and I admire you when it comes to websites and clicking and internets and "roaring"... I think you are doing a fine job and I tip my hat off to you. I will just pull off to the side and watch as the spotlight shines upon you and then maybe ask for your autograph [make it out to Michele, one "L" please] and then you can tell us all about your endeavours to fame and fortune! Good luck and I'll be watching and cheering you on!