Monday, May 14, 2007

Safelists and AdBlasts

I became a member of several different safelisters and adblasting websites a few weeks ago and have been trying to utilize them to my best advantage. It is sometimes hard to get your ad read by all those people that are also getting about 500 other emails a day that are not yours, but it is possible, and actually rather easy sometimes. It all depends on your pick-up line, as I like to call it. The title of your ad can make or break you in the safelisting and adblasting world online.

If your title is liable to make me fall asleep, I do not click it. If your title is the exact same as about 200+ other emails that have come into my inbox, I delete it. If your title is too focused into a certain group of people, I usually will delete it also. No hard feelings involved, I am just not interested in what you are offering. I do click into about 50+ emails everyday that I get from my safelists and also my adblaster sites. These are the people that have taken the time and effort to come up with a snappy, come hither, title that I just couldn't resist finding out what was in store for me on the other end. That is the biggest keep to making a success out of your lists and blasts that you send. You have to appeal to what somebody wants or desires.

Not easy but it can be done. I have had about 25 responses to one ad that I posted about a week ago and then I had about 30 to another one. Not bad. I could do better, but I am still refining my own techniques.


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