Friday, March 9, 2007

On And Poppin!

On And Poppin!

I found this amazing gossip blogger a little bit ago! If you are into the celebrities and what they are up to, check out this amazing blog. She will keep you up to date on what is happening now.

Amazing pictures and down to earth commentary!

Am I really that ignorant?

I have been in correspondence of sorts with a fellow blogger for about a month and a half now by the name of Jose. Hope you don't mind that I used your name! ;-)

Anyways, I have come to the conclusion that when I took on blogging that I had no idea how big the concept really was. I thought that I would get on here and type in my thoughts and traffic would come and I would correspond with people all over the world and hopefully maybe influence someone in a good way.

I have in my own little way done that, but not as much as I have really wanted to. I guess it would be appropriate to say that I feel into the old hype of "If you build it they will come.".

Unfortunately it does not work that easily. Networking and links are hard work and not easy. To me it is frustrating. I get looped into the "bad link" sites that get you no exposure for a lot of work and little return.

I have to hand it to my blogging buddy Jose for finding his way into all the right places. He has become a PROBLOGGER since starting to blog in just the last couple of months. I wish him all the success in the world.

Jose is an inspiration to me, that it can be done. I am even more determined to make this happen for me now. Maybe not problogger status, but something close. lol Whatever that may be.


Thursday, March 8, 2007

Hillary Clinton as our First Woman President?

Should we really elect Hillary Clinton as our first woman President? I have my very serious doubts as to whether this would really be a good idea or not. I have never really liked Hillary as a political figurehead or so to speak as a 'woman' either. Don't ask me what I really mean by that, I guess I go so far as to say that I get a weird 'vibe' from her.

My very personal {opinion} on this very important matter would have to be a great resounding NO!

I do not feel that a personal that has very close ties to Watergate; The Monica Lewinsky scandals, admittedly through her husband,; voting yes on whether or not we should go to Iraq in the first place, and various other sub-par behavior if I were to dig enough, or rattle around in my brain enough to want to find out, should be the first woman to be elected to the Presidency in our history.

I personally feel that any woman that does not have the {balls} so to speak to stand up to her husband about his infidelity most definitely could not run our country any way that it needs to be run.

Not that I necessarily agree with how it has been run for some time now.

Monday, March 5, 2007

Dress up dolls and avatars galore

Dress Up Games

For all you dress up doll and avatar creater junkies I have finally found the right website for you!

Create your avatar with all of their great tools!Then you can go right into the forums and chat with all the other dolls junkies and meet some new people. Post your avatar onto or use it on your own website if you want.

You can use your avatar/doll to play games with friends, or to just play games by yourself!

There is cute text, fashion shows, coloring pages, blogs, polls, and so much more! If you can't find something fun to do on this website I don't know where you would go to find it!

Join a doll dressing party with some friends, or just have fun dressing up your doll all by yourself! You make the most of your online fun. I have used some examples in my posts just to show you what you can do on this site.

Girls and women will have fun with the dolls, and the men will have fun making their avatars, and maybe even playing with the dolls too. lol

Check out the competitions that they always have posted on the site and refer your friends to join in on the fun. Join the forums and meet new friends to join in on the fun with you!

Sunday, March 4, 2007

Paid email in's and out's

Just some old everyday advice and tips that I have noticed in the last couple of days shlogging through the great big world of PTR emails.

1} DSL or Broadband are a great big plus now a days for paid email programs!!!! Holy crap do these guys send out a bunch of emails!!! My poor internet server is screaming for me to LET UP ALREADY! I have been overwhelmed already in my first couple of days by emails because I guess 'searching' is the new 'in' thing with the paid email programs now a days.

2} Be an honest paid email clicker. Don't have more than 10 windows open at a time and actually do a search on those new search engines! You might actually be surprised at what you will find on that brand new little engine that is overloaded with all that crap that the huge ones are!

3} The above rule and tip is the very same reason why I am now finding myself overloaded with paying emails. I click on all the paid links and also the little reciprocal links that are in the paid links themselves and always do a very thorough valid search. The little extra time spent doing this will make a huge windfall in your bank account or should I say 'email account'?

4} Experiment, experiment, experiment! I am already going to be dropping a couple of ptr email companies that I just signed up for because they do not send enough emails for me to even follow through with a banner impression campaign ad that I had talked about earlier on my blog. I can't afford to even search for the paper that I wrote my password down on to click on their email.

5} Promote your links. Enough said I guess.

6} Check your emails often. Good emails are sent often, but the links don't usually last often. A lot of people check their email account often just for these links. They can't boost your account in just a couple of emails and save you loads of time.

Well that is a start. When I think of some more good ones, I will surely pass them along.

Please note that I only left one banner running off to the right. They are the only ones, beside jerseydevilemails that send a steady stream of paying emails into my account right now. I am averaging over 50+ from at the rate of .02 right now. I am very pleasantly pleased with this company.

Have a great night. Going back to check more emails.