Friday, March 9, 2007

Am I really that ignorant?

I have been in correspondence of sorts with a fellow blogger for about a month and a half now by the name of Jose. Hope you don't mind that I used your name! ;-)

Anyways, I have come to the conclusion that when I took on blogging that I had no idea how big the concept really was. I thought that I would get on here and type in my thoughts and traffic would come and I would correspond with people all over the world and hopefully maybe influence someone in a good way.

I have in my own little way done that, but not as much as I have really wanted to. I guess it would be appropriate to say that I feel into the old hype of "If you build it they will come.".

Unfortunately it does not work that easily. Networking and links are hard work and not easy. To me it is frustrating. I get looped into the "bad link" sites that get you no exposure for a lot of work and little return.

I have to hand it to my blogging buddy Jose for finding his way into all the right places. He has become a PROBLOGGER since starting to blog in just the last couple of months. I wish him all the success in the world.

Jose is an inspiration to me, that it can be done. I am even more determined to make this happen for me now. Maybe not problogger status, but something close. lol Whatever that may be.


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  • Jose
  • said...

    Hi Jenny,

    Thanks for the post! I really appreaciate it. Believe it or not this post is inspiring to me! I think you're starting to get the hang of this blogging thing.

    When you joinged you took a big step in bringing readers to your blog. Readers started showing up shortly after I joined.

    Another thing that you could do, and I think that this is important, is leave thoughtful comments on the blogs that you visit (maybe not all of them, but on as many as you can).

    I don't know of any blogger that doesn't like receiving lots of comments, but I find that the same bloggers skimp on leaving them (I just don't get it). I am a grass roots kind of guy. I rely more on posting good content and leaving comments on as many blogs as I can to attract as many readers to my blog as possible.

    Another thing that you can do, and in fact you are already donig, is ask for advice, like you did on my blog. But, don't just ask me, ask a lot of other bloggers as well. There are many out there that have much more experience than I have. Even though I declaired myself to be a "Problogger" I'm still a newbie in many ways, and I still have much to learn. But, I am more than willing to pass on whatever knowledge I can to help you grow as a blogger.

    Finally, and this one you're already doing, and that is sharing your thoughts from the heart. That's what allows readers to connect with you.

    I hope that these little tid bits of advice help. Take care, and happy blogging!


    Ps. I found your new WordPress blog and left this comment there as well. It's under your Hillary Clinton post.