Sunday, March 4, 2007

Paid email in's and out's

Just some old everyday advice and tips that I have noticed in the last couple of days shlogging through the great big world of PTR emails.

1} DSL or Broadband are a great big plus now a days for paid email programs!!!! Holy crap do these guys send out a bunch of emails!!! My poor internet server is screaming for me to LET UP ALREADY! I have been overwhelmed already in my first couple of days by emails because I guess 'searching' is the new 'in' thing with the paid email programs now a days.

2} Be an honest paid email clicker. Don't have more than 10 windows open at a time and actually do a search on those new search engines! You might actually be surprised at what you will find on that brand new little engine that is overloaded with all that crap that the huge ones are!

3} The above rule and tip is the very same reason why I am now finding myself overloaded with paying emails. I click on all the paid links and also the little reciprocal links that are in the paid links themselves and always do a very thorough valid search. The little extra time spent doing this will make a huge windfall in your bank account or should I say 'email account'?

4} Experiment, experiment, experiment! I am already going to be dropping a couple of ptr email companies that I just signed up for because they do not send enough emails for me to even follow through with a banner impression campaign ad that I had talked about earlier on my blog. I can't afford to even search for the paper that I wrote my password down on to click on their email.

5} Promote your links. Enough said I guess.

6} Check your emails often. Good emails are sent often, but the links don't usually last often. A lot of people check their email account often just for these links. They can't boost your account in just a couple of emails and save you loads of time.

Well that is a start. When I think of some more good ones, I will surely pass them along.

Please note that I only left one banner running off to the right. They are the only ones, beside jerseydevilemails that send a steady stream of paying emails into my account right now. I am averaging over 50+ from at the rate of .02 right now. I am very pleasantly pleased with this company.

Have a great night. Going back to check more emails.

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