Thursday, March 1, 2007

New facepaint for the blog

Hey all bloggers that are out there blogging away today. If you have stopped by before this, you will most likely notice the different makeup I put on today. I got sick of the old stuff.

You could safely say that my mother has gotten me hooked onto paid emails again!!! Cursed her be!!! lol

No, to be honest I have been plugging away at them for several years off and on trying to figure out a good way to go about them without feeling like I am just wading through quicksand without no breathing tube.

You will soon find yourself swarmed with paying emails after you sign up for some of these programs if you have ever had the opportunity to try this line of work. I do suggest getting another email account as you will sometimes find yourself overloaded with the multiplying little buggers and your local servers will be cussing you out big time with the overload.

I have figured out that I will use my lower pay out companies that over banner rotation for points or cash to advertise this very site and also my forum that I run also, that way it is more logical to actually click on these emails instead of them sending me $1 every other week.

I would much rather have people signing up for more valuable stuff like say associated content, where they actually care about the little people out here in the world and pay us for our opinions! I love them guys!

Don't get me wrong, I love the paid emails too and don't want to discourage anyone from signing up for them, as they do also bring in a little bit of extra cash when needed, but they will most likely not make you rich, by anybody's standards, not even mine, and they are pretty low. ;-)

Check out some of the links that I put on and see what you think. I know that $.01 doesn't seem like much, but when you think of it as FREE ADVERTISING IN RETURN, then it actually seems like not such a bad deal.

Check you all later.

2 opinions:

  • Jose
  • said...

    Hi Jenny,

    I see you've done some remodeling and redecorating. Nice change. Very Web 2.0.

    I've never tried the paid e-mail thing. How much can you make with it, say on a monthly basis?

    I agree with you about Associated Content. I've posted 4 articles with them already, and am waiting for them to approve a 5th one. I like the fact that you can submit articles to them whenever you want to, so you better control when you get paid. They still have to approve the article, but at least you can submit them when you want.

    I tried out Bidvertiser. I got 2 assignments from them and they paid me $2 each for my 2 posts. But that was almost 2 months ago. I haven't heard from them yet, still waiting for another assignment.

    PayPerPost rejected me. They say I haven't been blogging long enough. I'm going to resubmit my blog when I've completed 90 days of blogging. It's coming up pretty soon.

    Anyway, it was nice chatting with you. Drop in some time and leave comment to let me know you stopped by.

    Take care,


  • Jose
  • said...

    Hi Jenny,

    Actually it was that I tried out. Sorry about that.