Sunday, February 25, 2007 is up to something!

PayPerPost up to something is the upcoming few weeks!!! None of us bloggers know exactly what it is, but we are all left up to our collective imaginations to speculate as to what it just might be!

Well no one has ever accused me of have an under active imagination before so I hereby offer my opinion of what they might be up to!

I think that the company is finally going to be going out of beta! They will be fixing all of their sign-up bugs, of which I was one of the unfortunates, and they will make the site run just a little bit smoother and easier for all of us bloggers out there that are blogging for dollars for their advertisers.

I for one can't wait for the beta phase to end and for the real fun to begin! Imagine all of the new fun to begin. A new dashboard, with loads of new features, automatic emails, with all of the new opportunities that would maybe be customized to what you already blog about and are good at.

What advertiser wouldn't want a blogger to blog about what they are already good at?

That would be the ideal situation for both bloggers and advertisers. Then we wouldn't have to scroll through all the open opportunities trying to select which ones would be open for us and messing up the ones that we are not qualified for in the first place.

I am wiggiling with excitement waiting to see what payperpost has in store!

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