Friday, July 20, 2007

What you been up to?

Not a whole lot on this end is going on except trying to cope with having a teenager in the house for the summer! Text, text, text is about all I get out of her! I swear if she didn't have that damned phone attached to her hand at all hours of the day and night she would die of miscommunication! She even takes the damn thing into the shower with her! UGggggggH!

The inventor of text messages should have to deal with a teenager when she is wrapped up in her phone more than she is interacting with a real human being that is right next to her. Almost humiliating how little she actually does pay attention to what I say!!!! I am already about ready to throw that damn thing away and she has only been here two weeks!

Are all teens like this?

Plus she is in this kick right now about not talking showers except when she is told to. I remember when I was 13, I couldn't wait to take a shower everyday and brush my teeth and look my absolute best even if the only people that saw me were my dogs and my mom. Have things changed so much since then?

Plus, she cannot stand to spend any time with her little brothers and sister, but she will go over to the other house and spend hours watching tv and playing with my little neice that is one of the biggest brats that I have ever met! Go figure.

Well now that I have gotten that rant out of my system......I feel the same.

Catcha later!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Are you interested in airambulance services?

One of the newest and most resourceful things that I have heard of for the medical occupation is the air ambulance ! These things are saving lives all over the country already. And couldn't have come about at a better time.

People are always looking for revolutionary technology to help fight the war that is constantly being wages in healthcare and similar fields. All aircraft are approved by the FAA for air ambulance with life support equipment onboard. They also have registered nurses, registered flight paramedics, and respiratory specialists on board at all times and they can even arrange to have your very own doctor on board if that is your wish. Teamed up with state of the art equipment makes this an unbeatable new option for ambulance care and pickup.

Air Ambulance has been in service since 1983 and has gained the trust and support of doctors all over the nation so far. They will coordinate however you desire to ensure the smoothest transition possible for critical car and ambulance services that you could possibly need.

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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Masterseek is here to save the day!

If you are looking for a business related search engine you have got to check out masterseek ! They are linked into more than 45 million different companies worldwide!

You can check out the company profiles, contact details, and descriptions of products and details of shipping etc... All from one beautiful place!

No more searching and clicking on useless spam links that only want you to pay them for their information! This is free and very useful for anyone that is looking to partner up with someone else without all the run around and hassle.

You can even enter your own details and company information so that anyone can find you! What could be simpler than that? Not much of anything really!

Mailboxixchange is the place for mailboxes!

If you are in the market for a brand spanking new mailbox set up I have found the place for you!

Just one of the interesting residential mailboxes that I found was the Residential bobi mailboxes that come complete with posts. They are a completely different shape that a regular dome shaped mailbox and are metal and come in a wide array of different colors to boot!

If you are a business that is looking for commercial mailboxes they have you covered there as well! All different shapes, sizes, styles, and colors to fit your individual needs. Complete packages are available or just the mailbox!

Also if you live in a very populated area or even rural they have wall mount mailboxes available to fit almost any house decor and style.

Check them out and see what you can find today! They even offer free shipping on some of there items. There truly is something for everyone.