Friday, January 19, 2007

Hinder me please

Hinder has been around for a while and are still making music lovers like myself wonder how they keep coming up with even better music than their earlier stuff! I used to think that their earlier music was better than the newer stuff, but the more I download and listen to the more that I start to think that they have evolved and become even better than they used to be.

They haven't really mellowed out, like I had originally claimed to a few people, they just softened the blow. You have to really reach for the hidden meanings in there songs to get to the hidden anger that used to be very visible in their earlier reminiscings {songs}.

I especially like "By the Way" it is a really good easy listening song and also a simmering anger song. You can just flow along to the music or delve into the song itself and really listen to the undertone and feel the singer if you want.

Something for everyone. Same as there newest chart topper "Lips of An Angel" Not something that every wife or "current" girlfriend wants their husband or boyfriend to go head over heels about, but you can go either way with it if you so choose.

Girls take my advice and pay them back with a little smirk on your face and that dreamy little look in your eye as you hum the words to the song, and they will always wonder who you are "wishing over".

Does anyone Payperpost?

Do any of you payperpost out there? I am experience very seriously pissing me off! Lag times when trying to log on and am having a very hard time getting to where I can register my blog to even get started!!!!!!!

How frustrating! I am really on a roll of wanting to spout off opinions and evaluations of anything and everything at the moment and I want to get this new venture started and on it's way while I have the "vibe" so to speak on high......


I will keep trying....


Is Clickbank really worth it?

Is clickbank really worth all the effort and sweat and tears that I put out there with all the endless submission the search engines and countless submission confirmations in my email box, that I, yes, quite frankly am dealing with!

I honestly don't know!

After a couple of months, I still have not generated even one sale! Not even one stinking sale!
I have to say that I am somewhat disappointed, but not really surprised. This is one of those ventures that I got into with my feet first and not my head.

Went at it with everything I had for two weeks straight. On the computer night and day, submitting to search engines, getting link backs, and all that other great crap, just like the so called "guru's" of marketing told me to so I could make a million dollars overnight and guess what I didn't make a penny!

Well to be fair it didn't cost me anything but time I was already wasting anyway. Well I might have found another site that was better in the mean time, but I believe in Kharma, so probably not. I had to try it out and fail at that one before I really found one that paid.

maybe we should all look at it that way! ;-)


tax exemptions/credits does anybody know the difference?

I find myself in the impossible situation of fighting with my ex over who should be able to claim the kids for tax purposes! I say that I should be able to as he only has them 4 days out of the month and only pays child support when he feels like it!

He says that he should be able to claim exemptions and I should be able to claim credits.

Does anybody out there know the difference and what I should do?

I don't want to sign my life away!


Thursday, January 18, 2007

My first paid in full published article!

Go check it out everyone! I am a certifiable published author! LOL Never really thought that would happen!

Check out the above link and see what you think.

I will post the next one as soon as I can get a hold of it.

The site is having major issues with my computer at the moment.

Later all

FINALLY a site that pays!

I have finally found a site that actually pays for unique "articles" that you write and submit! I am so syched! They paid me $4 for the first short little fluff article that I wrote just to see if they were legit, so now I know they are and I am just flying to the moon! I got the referral from a job site and figured what the hell I had really nothing to lose.

I am so pumped I just can't even really think straight, but I will post the articles following this. see what you think!

The second one is a more serious piece that I did. I really want to know what you guys think of it. I am a little insecure when it comes to "real" writing and am trying to hone my skills in this area, so be a little gentle, but please be truthful.

Thanks all!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Biz Box? Too good to be true? Maybe not

I really don't know whether to take this site too seriously because I have seen so many websites that are so similar to this one that promise that you can make "X" amount of money in 24, 48, 72 hours ++ whatever the hype {crap} so happens to be on that so called "website".

In the last couple of years, in one various desperate attempt or another, I have run across so many so called make you rich guaranteed websites, that I sometimes, to be honest want to toss my literal "cookies"!

Everybody is out to make a quick buck, and usually at the expense of other more naive people out there like myself that are desperate for one reason or another to make money in a hurry without having to be a rocket scientist!

Not to say that I am not of above average intelligence when I actually let my mind start to warm up and use all gears. I just usually don't find much reason to get that worked up about anything, because most people that you will meet will not change, and unfortunately the government will not change, as much as I could really wish that it would!

Most money is not made very fast unless you know where to find it, and most of them will not share and if they do you are going to pay a pretty penny for it and will continue to pay for it for quite a while. Yes you can make money with most of the companies if you sink enough money into them, you will eventually will make back your money, but unfortunately I do not have the money to sink into them in the first place.

To be continued....