Friday, January 19, 2007

Hinder me please

Hinder has been around for a while and are still making music lovers like myself wonder how they keep coming up with even better music than their earlier stuff! I used to think that their earlier music was better than the newer stuff, but the more I download and listen to the more that I start to think that they have evolved and become even better than they used to be.

They haven't really mellowed out, like I had originally claimed to a few people, they just softened the blow. You have to really reach for the hidden meanings in there songs to get to the hidden anger that used to be very visible in their earlier reminiscings {songs}.

I especially like "By the Way" it is a really good easy listening song and also a simmering anger song. You can just flow along to the music or delve into the song itself and really listen to the undertone and feel the singer if you want.

Something for everyone. Same as there newest chart topper "Lips of An Angel" Not something that every wife or "current" girlfriend wants their husband or boyfriend to go head over heels about, but you can go either way with it if you so choose.

Girls take my advice and pay them back with a little smirk on your face and that dreamy little look in your eye as you hum the words to the song, and they will always wonder who you are "wishing over".

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