Saturday, April 14, 2007

Need to move

Here's the deal:

Yesterday my mother in-law comes over to our house, which is only about 30 feet away from their house, {can we say close quarters?} and proceeds to inform my husband that we now need to start paying $400 dollars rent for living here! ARE YOU KIDDING ME???????

Ok, let me give you a little background info before you start thinking that $400 bucks is pretty cheap rent for a house. My husband and I moved into this house about a year and a half ago, because my in-laws offered to let us, FOR FREE! No rent, just pay the utilities. Which we do, faithfully, every month. What they did not tell us when offering this, was that the basement was literally full of crap, and not the figurative kind the literal kind! Skeletons of dead animals, no I am not kidding...

There are also the carcasses of 3 old water heaters, 1 old water softener, and old oil drum, which is the same size as I am but twice the size around as me, and is on steel legs that stand higher than me. And the grand topper of them all is the fact that there is over a foot of dirt covering the whole thing! There is a huge hole in the foundation for a cellar door that is not there and there are gaps all over where the house sits on the foundation, where the animals evidently got in? Hello people! Am I this desperate? I suppose I am, or was, or whatever.

The upstairs is fine, but small, very small, claustrophobic small, are we getting the essence of what I am saying here? We are a family of 5 with one very big dog. We are now crammed into a house that has two bedrooms that barely manage to fit one full size bed into them. Let alone dressers and the like. Put it this way, my bedroom does not have a door and neither does my kids. We are right next to each other.

At least my living room is big and so is my kitchen. But that does not compensate, let me tell you!

Well all I have to say is, I am out of here, as soon as I can find a different place! I cannot believe these people. Are you kidding me?

Friday, April 13, 2007

Link for mylot

Just doing a link post for to claim my blog.
myLot User Profile

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Posted my first ad on ptr today!

Well I went all out today and posted my first ad on today. I figured I might as well take advantage of the advertising package that came with my $5.00 upgrade that I made on April 2nd. {don't ask me what in the world I was thinking, except to prove a point} They do offer a pretty attractive advertising package for that 5 bucks though!

I was in a hurry as usual and didn't read all of the fine print..blah, blah, blah, as I call it, and just signed my name on the dotted line so to speak and paid my $5 and that's all she wrote folks!

Well now I am working on getting some referrals, so I can continue to stay home with my dearest children {that are by the way, currently driving me bonkers} and still be able to keep my lights on and my computer running. So, I starting making my fuzzy rust covered brain start working again and remember that, OH YEAH, that $5 that I so foolishly squandered over at giga-mails for an upgrade also came with an advertising campaign! Smart little old me after all! hehehehe

I just knew there was a silver lining in that cloud somewhere! I just had to squint hard enough to find it! I am not a total pessimistic after all, I do have that one little tiny bone still left in me that still believes that I can make this happen, and soon. My butt may be sore, and mine eyes might be tired, but I shall persevere!lol

Oh yeah, the ad was for mylot by the way. I am promoting that one, and my next one will most likely be for clixsense or for my blog. I have not decided which yet. I am more leaning for my blog. What do you think? Throw me a line and let me know.

Peace chicas!


Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Screen shot of earnings for

mylot earnings

I have been tinkering around on the internet a bit lately trying to figure out how everybody does those cool little webshots of earnings and all of that stuff, and I finally ran across a discussion yesterday on that FINALLY told me how to do this! Groovy baby. So I decided to tinker on here and give you guys a preview of my earnings on just to see what it is like.

Please be forewarned that I have not been able to do much so far, but you can see the marked difference in the days that I actually do something on the site!

Check it out if you are interested. I am finding myself logging on daily to see if there is anything interesting and new to respond to. Can we say addicted? Plus I am finding that I am starting to like some of the people also.


Check ya later

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Recent posts

I have been playing around with lately and trying to drive some traffic to some of my published articles that I have done on Associated Content. That is why there are some really short posts on here that don't look anything like what I normally would post. ;0)

I cannot for now figure out for the life of me how to get a little digg button on each of my posts and it is absolutely driving me crazy!!!! But alas, I will put aside my frustrations and concentrate on something else and come back to it later when I am not feeling quite so crappy and out of sorts with myself as I am today. This is day 2 of whatever bug has been hounding the house and the househoold members in it, so I am starting to get cranky.

Meeting Mr. Porcelain God this morning was not my idea of a fun time. And yes I do call it a mr as I don't think any woman would be so mean as to wish puking on anyone. Just a little feminist humor there for you....

Ahh well...I will keep plugging along and get what I can done.

Check ya soon.

Flashing Your Children! Should Nudity Be Natural or Forbidden in Your House

Editorial opinion supporting the opinion that nudity in the household promotes a healthy attitude in children and their experiences in everyday life.

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PTR Junkies Guide to Making Money Reading Emails

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My discussion about PTR programs

I finally have cracked the invisible facade of mylot with a discussion that people are actually responding to! Phew!!! I was starting to wonder if I had the plague sign stuck to my forhead when it came to hitting that little respond to this discussion button on my page. Oh well, it has finally started and now I am finally on my way to some real earnings and making friends and that is what it seems to take when making money on mylot.

After having spent the last two days reading discussions made by the top referrers and {yes} money makers, on the site, I finally started to get the drift of where all of there money was really coming from. Friends first and foremost, and then referrals, posts and discussions that go back and forth, and lenthy dialogues that tend to ramble to be honest.

I could spend 20 minutes reading some of these discussions and still never get to the end of them, if I didn't get tired of them and just jump to the end to see where the thread has ended and leave my post! Geez some of these people can get long winded sometimes. But, that is what it takes to make the money and they have figured this out! They have also figured out that they get more money for posting pics. Sounds weird but it is all about content! Mylot wants content and lots of it! That is the whole idea in a nutshell as far as I can figure.

Well I am off to test my theory some more. Please join me at some of my discussions and see what you can do!


Monday, April 9, 2007

Don Imus is Suspended from MSNBC!

I for one think it is only fit and proper that radio syndicate Don Imus was suspended today after making racial slurs against Rutgers Womens College Basketball team last Friday on his radio talk show "Imus in the Morning" that is affiliated with CBS Radio and

Don Imus was heard to call the players, and I do quote, "Nappy headed ho's". And this is from a Nationally accredited Radio Talk Show host? What is this person thinking? Is this what are children need to be listening to now a days? And then to have to the nerve to go on Reverend Al Sharpton's Radio Talk Show and try to say that he is "Sorry that he has said this, but he is not a bad man."

Give me a break man. You have got to be kidding me if you think that this little slip of the liberal tongue will be let slip by without a severe lashing by every community that you are affiliated with, but every radio and tv personality is now going to be treating you like you have the proverbial plague my friend! You have black listed yourself quite literally in the space of 15 seconds on the air and you didn't even think you had done anything wrong.

I have to laugh at how really stupid you think we as American's really are. We are not living back in the 1950's anymore where people of a different skin color are going to just stand idly by while you put them down for there skin tone or the texture of their hair or even their sexual proclivities sir. They have found their voices finally and they are strong and they are proud and I for one hope that they sue the literal pants off of you, for you are a foul mouthed old man that does not deserve to be poluting the airwaves of America with your racist garbage anymore.

Thank you.