Tuesday, April 10, 2007

My discussion about PTR programs

I finally have cracked the invisible facade of mylot with a discussion that people are actually responding to! Phew!!! I was starting to wonder if I had the plague sign stuck to my forhead when it came to hitting that little respond to this discussion button on my page. Oh well, it has finally started and now I am finally on my way to some real earnings and making friends and that is what it seems to take when making money on mylot.

After having spent the last two days reading discussions made by the top referrers and {yes} money makers, on the site, I finally started to get the drift of where all of there money was really coming from. Friends first and foremost, and then referrals, posts and discussions that go back and forth, and lenthy dialogues that tend to ramble to be honest.

I could spend 20 minutes reading some of these discussions and still never get to the end of them, if I didn't get tired of them and just jump to the end to see where the thread has ended and leave my post! Geez some of these people can get long winded sometimes. But, that is what it takes to make the money and they have figured this out! They have also figured out that they get more money for posting pics. Sounds weird but it is all about content! Mylot wants content and lots of it! That is the whole idea in a nutshell as far as I can figure.

Well I am off to test my theory some more. Please join me at some of my discussions and see what you can do!


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