Monday, April 9, 2007

Don Imus is Suspended from MSNBC!

I for one think it is only fit and proper that radio syndicate Don Imus was suspended today after making racial slurs against Rutgers Womens College Basketball team last Friday on his radio talk show "Imus in the Morning" that is affiliated with CBS Radio and

Don Imus was heard to call the players, and I do quote, "Nappy headed ho's". And this is from a Nationally accredited Radio Talk Show host? What is this person thinking? Is this what are children need to be listening to now a days? And then to have to the nerve to go on Reverend Al Sharpton's Radio Talk Show and try to say that he is "Sorry that he has said this, but he is not a bad man."

Give me a break man. You have got to be kidding me if you think that this little slip of the liberal tongue will be let slip by without a severe lashing by every community that you are affiliated with, but every radio and tv personality is now going to be treating you like you have the proverbial plague my friend! You have black listed yourself quite literally in the space of 15 seconds on the air and you didn't even think you had done anything wrong.

I have to laugh at how really stupid you think we as American's really are. We are not living back in the 1950's anymore where people of a different skin color are going to just stand idly by while you put them down for there skin tone or the texture of their hair or even their sexual proclivities sir. They have found their voices finally and they are strong and they are proud and I for one hope that they sue the literal pants off of you, for you are a foul mouthed old man that does not deserve to be poluting the airwaves of America with your racist garbage anymore.

Thank you.

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