Thursday, April 12, 2007

Posted my first ad on ptr today!

Well I went all out today and posted my first ad on today. I figured I might as well take advantage of the advertising package that came with my $5.00 upgrade that I made on April 2nd. {don't ask me what in the world I was thinking, except to prove a point} They do offer a pretty attractive advertising package for that 5 bucks though!

I was in a hurry as usual and didn't read all of the fine print..blah, blah, blah, as I call it, and just signed my name on the dotted line so to speak and paid my $5 and that's all she wrote folks!

Well now I am working on getting some referrals, so I can continue to stay home with my dearest children {that are by the way, currently driving me bonkers} and still be able to keep my lights on and my computer running. So, I starting making my fuzzy rust covered brain start working again and remember that, OH YEAH, that $5 that I so foolishly squandered over at giga-mails for an upgrade also came with an advertising campaign! Smart little old me after all! hehehehe

I just knew there was a silver lining in that cloud somewhere! I just had to squint hard enough to find it! I am not a total pessimistic after all, I do have that one little tiny bone still left in me that still believes that I can make this happen, and soon. My butt may be sore, and mine eyes might be tired, but I shall persevere!lol

Oh yeah, the ad was for mylot by the way. I am promoting that one, and my next one will most likely be for clixsense or for my blog. I have not decided which yet. I am more leaning for my blog. What do you think? Throw me a line and let me know.

Peace chicas!


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