Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Recent posts

I have been playing around with digg.com lately and trying to drive some traffic to some of my published articles that I have done on Associated Content. That is why there are some really short posts on here that don't look anything like what I normally would post. ;0)

I cannot for now figure out for the life of me how to get a little digg button on each of my posts and it is absolutely driving me crazy!!!! But alas, I will put aside my frustrations and concentrate on something else and come back to it later when I am not feeling quite so crappy and out of sorts with myself as I am today. This is day 2 of whatever bug has been hounding the house and the househoold members in it, so I am starting to get cranky.

Meeting Mr. Porcelain God this morning was not my idea of a fun time. And yes I do call it a mr as I don't think any woman would be so mean as to wish puking on anyone. Just a little feminist humor there for you....

Ahh well...I will keep plugging along and get what I can done.

Check ya soon.

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