Saturday, April 14, 2007

Need to move

Here's the deal:

Yesterday my mother in-law comes over to our house, which is only about 30 feet away from their house, {can we say close quarters?} and proceeds to inform my husband that we now need to start paying $400 dollars rent for living here! ARE YOU KIDDING ME???????

Ok, let me give you a little background info before you start thinking that $400 bucks is pretty cheap rent for a house. My husband and I moved into this house about a year and a half ago, because my in-laws offered to let us, FOR FREE! No rent, just pay the utilities. Which we do, faithfully, every month. What they did not tell us when offering this, was that the basement was literally full of crap, and not the figurative kind the literal kind! Skeletons of dead animals, no I am not kidding...

There are also the carcasses of 3 old water heaters, 1 old water softener, and old oil drum, which is the same size as I am but twice the size around as me, and is on steel legs that stand higher than me. And the grand topper of them all is the fact that there is over a foot of dirt covering the whole thing! There is a huge hole in the foundation for a cellar door that is not there and there are gaps all over where the house sits on the foundation, where the animals evidently got in? Hello people! Am I this desperate? I suppose I am, or was, or whatever.

The upstairs is fine, but small, very small, claustrophobic small, are we getting the essence of what I am saying here? We are a family of 5 with one very big dog. We are now crammed into a house that has two bedrooms that barely manage to fit one full size bed into them. Let alone dressers and the like. Put it this way, my bedroom does not have a door and neither does my kids. We are right next to each other.

At least my living room is big and so is my kitchen. But that does not compensate, let me tell you!

Well all I have to say is, I am out of here, as soon as I can find a different place! I cannot believe these people. Are you kidding me?

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