Saturday, May 26, 2007

Lapse of concentration...Sorry Narendra!

I am correcting an oversite that I made about a month ago! I had promised that anyone that submitted a joke to me that I could use on the sidebar would get a post within my blog with their own blog url in it! Well, feather brained me forgot all about doing the promised post for the one and only person that ever submitted a joke to me! I thank you so kindly Narendra for your thoughtfulness in submitting a joke for me to use. :)

I sincerely apologize for the oversite and lack of concentration that lead me to not post this sooner.

Catcha later!

Went on a cruise today

Hello everyone! I hope that everyone's weekend so far has been as good as mine went today! lol Me and the hubby went cruising over to the South Unit of Theodore Roosevelt National Park for the day. We went all the way through the 36 mile loop around the park and ate Taco Pizza from the Pizzeria in Medora that was to die for! Well maybe not THAT Good, but it was good! ;)

We got to see all the little prairie dogs and the buffalo! We almost ran right up the hind end of one that we didn't even see till we were right up on him! I will upload pics tomorrow as I am being to lazy right now to get the camera and set it up and do all that. It took a lot more out of me to go hiking than I thought it would! :)

Some of you may know by now that the kiddies are gone for two weeks to their dad's house. I am freaking already and missing them like crazy! I kept finding myself looking over my shoulder to point something cool out to the kids, and they weren't there! Ugh! Hubby is trying to help out as much as he can, but he goes back to work tomorrow for another 6 days, so the days will be mine to squander on absolutely nothing but myself. Weird.

Anyways, I will post more tomorrow when the nogging is actually awake.

Catcha later!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Why I love using Payperpost on my blog!

One of the easiest ways that you can getads on blogsis by utilizing the amazing opportunities that offers!

As I am sure some of you may have noticed that I have been utilizing for a while now. :) I haven't done a lot of posts for them as sometimes it takes forever to log on and I lose my patience, but that is my computer's fault. Must get a new one! lol

I like Payperpost for a few different reasons:

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