Saturday, May 26, 2007

Went on a cruise today

Hello everyone! I hope that everyone's weekend so far has been as good as mine went today! lol Me and the hubby went cruising over to the South Unit of Theodore Roosevelt National Park for the day. We went all the way through the 36 mile loop around the park and ate Taco Pizza from the Pizzeria in Medora that was to die for! Well maybe not THAT Good, but it was good! ;)

We got to see all the little prairie dogs and the buffalo! We almost ran right up the hind end of one that we didn't even see till we were right up on him! I will upload pics tomorrow as I am being to lazy right now to get the camera and set it up and do all that. It took a lot more out of me to go hiking than I thought it would! :)

Some of you may know by now that the kiddies are gone for two weeks to their dad's house. I am freaking already and missing them like crazy! I kept finding myself looking over my shoulder to point something cool out to the kids, and they weren't there! Ugh! Hubby is trying to help out as much as he can, but he goes back to work tomorrow for another 6 days, so the days will be mine to squander on absolutely nothing but myself. Weird.

Anyways, I will post more tomorrow when the nogging is actually awake.

Catcha later!

2 opinions:

  • Michele
  • said...

    I'm glad you got out and had a good time. It's good to refresh the 'ole memory! And any food that you don't have to cook yourself is probably good, at least for me... I hate cooking.. haha...

  • jenbriese
  • said...

    Yes, it was a really good time. Was kind of nice to spend some quality time with just the hubby as well. We don't get too much of that now a days. :)