Thursday, March 8, 2007

Hillary Clinton as our First Woman President?

Should we really elect Hillary Clinton as our first woman President? I have my very serious doubts as to whether this would really be a good idea or not. I have never really liked Hillary as a political figurehead or so to speak as a 'woman' either. Don't ask me what I really mean by that, I guess I go so far as to say that I get a weird 'vibe' from her.

My very personal {opinion} on this very important matter would have to be a great resounding NO!

I do not feel that a personal that has very close ties to Watergate; The Monica Lewinsky scandals, admittedly through her husband,; voting yes on whether or not we should go to Iraq in the first place, and various other sub-par behavior if I were to dig enough, or rattle around in my brain enough to want to find out, should be the first woman to be elected to the Presidency in our history.

I personally feel that any woman that does not have the {balls} so to speak to stand up to her husband about his infidelity most definitely could not run our country any way that it needs to be run.

Not that I necessarily agree with how it has been run for some time now.

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