Monday, March 5, 2007

Dress up dolls and avatars galore

Dress Up Games

For all you dress up doll and avatar creater junkies I have finally found the right website for you!

Create your avatar with all of their great tools!Then you can go right into the forums and chat with all the other dolls junkies and meet some new people. Post your avatar onto or use it on your own website if you want.

You can use your avatar/doll to play games with friends, or to just play games by yourself!

There is cute text, fashion shows, coloring pages, blogs, polls, and so much more! If you can't find something fun to do on this website I don't know where you would go to find it!

Join a doll dressing party with some friends, or just have fun dressing up your doll all by yourself! You make the most of your online fun. I have used some examples in my posts just to show you what you can do on this site.

Girls and women will have fun with the dolls, and the men will have fun making their avatars, and maybe even playing with the dolls too. lol

Check out the competitions that they always have posted on the site and refer your friends to join in on the fun. Join the forums and meet new friends to join in on the fun with you!

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