Saturday, April 28, 2007

Clicking away for money

I have been trying to find some other online ad viewing sites lately and I ran across a couple of good ones. I thought that I would share them with you in case you all were interested. They are pretty low pay out and the one that in highlighted in the top link and the very bottom link has about $13.00 in clicks. I just signed up about an hour ago and I am just getting my feel for it but the timer isn't bad at all, it is actually quite fast for me, which is saying a lot! lol And there are a lot of clicks available to me, and I took the free membership which entitled me to 1,000+ clicks right off the bat, so I am intrigued to say the least. They are all 1 cents clicks right now, but that adds up quick.

The second link is up to 5 cents clicks. Onsite ad views only. Sister site of Check them out if you wish.


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  • Tasha
  • said...

    Hey I just came across your blog. I am signed up on dealsncash and hits4pay. I am doing good on them. Lately I have been messing around with the categories to see which intrest things gets me more ads. I was just wondering what your average amount of ads are daily and what categories you have selected.
    you can email me back