Monday, May 28, 2007

Are you like me? Always looking for another way to monotenize your blog(s)? Good!

I have been utilizing for some of the money that I bring in via my blog for about a month now. They pay a lot better than Payperpost, when you get a tasked assigned to you that is! Sometimes the tasks can take a long time in coming your way, but it helps if your blog is seen by a lot of readers! Helps a lot!!!

First thing to remember about blogsvertise is categories. Make sure you pick the appropriate categories or you will not get any offers! Sad but true...Advertisers are not always looking to advertise for Depends....or something similar. lol
Check out all the categories before selecting the ones that pertain to your blog.

Second thing to remember is to make sure to complete your assigned offers on a timely basis. I have had several opportunities time out because they were caught by my spam filter. Frustrating as I missed out on $20 for those tasks. :(

Third thing check your filter for tasks! lol

Always log in everyday to see if there is an assigned task to complete. But make sure that you have at least 3 entries in between tasks on your blog. Also they do not like advertising from other companies to be close to their's. They will decline your postings if you don't follow this rule. So be careful in your timing.

Last of all check them out as it is completely free to sign up with them and to get started. The sooner you check the sooner you get started. :)

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