Thursday, June 7, 2007

Incentive offers on the sidebar - make money with me!

Have any of you done the incentive offers that all of these companies pay for before? Well from one person to another I can tell you that I have done hundreds of these offers before! Some of them are actually some really good deals that I would like to have anyway! Incentives or not.

But....we all want to earn a little money online right?!? I thought so!

I have a proposition for all of you that may read this.... I have added some incentive offers on the sidebar. They will all pay me directly for signups and free proposition to YOU is that I will pay each one of you that signs up underneath the links that I have provided 20% of whatever I make off of that offer.

EX. There is a link for a Free Blockbuster Online trial...You pay nothing for it, just enter your info and select your movies! (I do believe that it is a two week free trial if I am not mistaken.) I will pay YOU a total of $8.60 just for trying them out! How amazing is that???? You do absolutely nothing else but sign up and make sure that you complete the whole trial offer and I will pay you money!

All you have to do is send me your confirmation email and your paypal address and I will pay you for the offer as soon as I get paid from them! It could take a week or two for me to get paid so some people will have to be patient, but I WILL PAY YOU, I am a very honest person and will not jip anyone when it comes to these offers, but you need to make sure that you complete the whole trial otherwise they will not pay for it. Nada nothing! Then I can't pay you!

Basically you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours concept.

You see I got tired of all these websites that would only pay $.50 for these offers when I KNOW that they get a more substancial income from my sign up! Not fair, I say! So now I am doing something about it!

Please remember though that not every offer has the same incentive attached to it. I used the most lucrative offer as an example. Some of the free offers that I have listed only pay me a dollar or two, so I will not be able to give as big a payout with them as I can with others. If you are in doubt about any of this please drop me a line and I would be more than happy to explain and tell how much each incentive offer is worth at that given time! I am here to help make you some money too!

Catcha later!

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