Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Kids will be back in two days!

The kids should be back finally in 2 days! Yes! I have been trying to keep my sanity while getting some much needed stuff done in the process! I have deep cleaned the living room, and put tile up in my bathroom shower, vacuumed, and went through all of those annoying little letters that always get saved for some stupid reason! lol

I also finally conquered all the laundry! Whew! I never thought that would ever happen again in my lifetime! lol Makes it a lot easier to do laundry and catch up when you don't have three extra people in the house with you!

I have missed them terribly, but they sound like they are having fun with their dad, so I will wait the extra 2 days to get them back. But I am sure that I will smother them with kisses and hug them very tightly when I do finally get to see them again!

Catcha later!

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