Sunday, September 23, 2007

Nice to see you again!

Well.....Needless to say it really sucks not having internet hooked up at the house anymore, but discounting that, everything is starting to look up for me and my little family.

Hubby got a new job, after being off work for three months. Decent pay with a butt load of overtime so we should be getting things back to normal and even better shortly. As long as I can hold onto my sanity for a while until we move closer to his work. I have to say that in all honesty that I forgot just how hard it is to control three little rugrats without my hubbies help. Makes me wonder how in the world I got along without him before. :)

I guess we don't realize exactly how hard something is until we don't have to do it anymore and then are thrown right back in the middle of it again.

Me...I have an interview for a data management job on Wednesday. It pays $12.50 an hour to start and will last for 8 months with a possibility of becoming permanent. It would be great to get the job, but I shall not get my hopes up to high as I have a bad track record with getting jobs. Hopefully this time will be different. Plus I have a brand new pair of shoes to wear for the interview! lol

It is my oldest boys birthday on Tuesday. My how time flies when you are trying to keep your head! He will be 8 already!

Both boys are doing good in school and loving their new teachers respectively. I have not had a chance to meet either one, but I shall remedy that shortly. It is really just to bad that they will have to change schools in a month or two when we move, but they are both resilient to changes.

Also, little girl started dance classes two weeks ago. I cannot stop her from hopping around the house trying to do all her dance moves now. She has currently broke two knick knacks and knocked over countless glasses from the table. Oh well, I guess I should just relax and enjoy it.

Catch ya later,

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