Friday, June 29, 2007

Digital framez are the future!

Have you been thinking of delving into the wonderful wold of digital picture frame for your home or office
? Great! I have found the perfect site for discount 7"-10" digital picture frames!

All frames start at $99 from what I could tell from browsing around on the site, which as far as I have found is a pretty good bargain! Plus right now they are running a promotion for a FREE 256mb memory card with a 10" digital frame order. (This will run you a cool $199, but well worth it to take down all of those old boring wooden and plastic frames that only hold one picture at a time!)

With you can have the best of both worlds. Modern technology and all of your pictures come together in flawless symphony. If you are also so inclined you can place movies, dvix, xvid, and mp3's in your digital frame! Go wild and be imaginative! You never know what kind of projects you can conceive of when you put your mind to it!

Check them out for awesome deals and steals.

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