Friday, June 22, 2007

Went fishing with the kiddies

Yesterday me and the hubby went fishing with the kiddies out at the little dam that is about a half mile from the house. It was fun and relaxing sitting on the dock and hanging our poles over the side. We saw several box turtles that were extremely interested in us and what we were doing, but I wasn't able to catch them without getting into the water, which I won't do. I seem to have a phobia about not being able to see what is underneath me. lol

Anyways the kids did most of the catching while the hubby did all of the releasing. Bullheads can get really nasty when they are pissed off, let me tell you. I didn't fancy getting myself stung by one so I let the hubby handle that aspect. Damien, my middle one caught the first fish of the day along with three more afterwards. While my youngest, Madison, came in a close second with 3 catches. I myself had one and the hubby had one. Can we say beginners luck? Geez.

Oh, well it was fun and a great time with the kids, so I am not complaining, too much!

Catcha later!

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