Tuesday, April 3, 2007

My Children's teachers

Ok, maybe it is just me that is like this with my children, but I want my children to excell in school! I am somewhat hard on them when it comes to their school work. And to be honest with you, their subsuquent grades. I don't like to see B's or C's and to be brutually honest with myself and with you, I honestly don't know how I would handle a D or an F on my children's report cards. I would probably freak out! And not in a completely positive or good way either.

I myself was a straight A student in school, so maybe this has a lot to do with it.I can only remember getting below an A twice in all my school years. These were not good times for me. Not because my mom was hard on me, but because I was hard on myself. I usually didn't have to study though. I never really cracked my books, but I always took notes like a madwoman. Go figure.

Anyways, the center of my story revolves are the fact that I had parent/teacher conferences last night. All went as usual with me waiting in the hall for twenty minutes after my scheduled time before seeing the teacher for her to tell me that my youngest is doing great in school, but is a little bit of a bully on the playground. He is the shortest one of them. I can't figure that one out. In and out in 2 minutes. Tada! What the hell took the other mom so long?!!!

Straight into the other classroom, what timing! This teacher tells me that my oldest is the smartest, cutest, handsomest, helpingest.....are we getting the drift here? Blah, blah, blah.... she goes on in this vein for at least 10 minutes before telling me that he is doing great in all his studies even though he is getting a B+ in his spelling and is almost at an N in another categorie.

Ok, now since when is this all just peachy keen? Last quarter when I came in and went through all of this with her he was at all A's and now he is at almost 2 B's and this is a great thing? How so? But she things that he is just having a little trouble with the longer spelling words.

Well the child is in for a big shock when he comes home from school today, because he will be writing his spelling words three times everyday until Friday when he has his spelling test. I have found with him and myself that repitition in 3's is the key to remembering anything. Maybe it is the ADHD or the Bipolar? Don't know, but it works.

Hopefully my child will thank me someday for being so hard on him when he is so young when it comes to grade, neatness, and spelling, but I just can't stand to see him fall behind, or stumble so early in the game, when he has so many years of schooling ahead of him, and his brother. By the way my children are 7,5, and 4.


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