Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Feeling inside out about goals

For some reason today I am in a writing mood. I have already written two articles for Associated Content this morning. Having completed my last product review about 20 minutes ago on TP. Yes, I do mean toilet paper. My mom suggested the idea, and I ran with it. Curiosity has me in this one till the end, just to see how this article will be accepted by the community and the admin as a whole.

I guess you could partly be truthfully saying that I am stubborn. Call me Jackass instead of Jane. Oh well, maybe my idea will pull off and I will get some much needed readership. I was reading another content producers article in which she stated that most of the top rated producers are getting over 500 clicks on their individual articles! Hello, I was happy with 175! I am {dragging balls} as my husband would say. I need more readership if I am going to make my goals. {gasps}

My goals are pretty simple in my opinion. I want to earn the equivalent of a full time job while staying at home. Should be fairly simple with all of my internet savviness. hahaha Or so I thought...but I am finding this harder to acheive than I first thought. I have so far bumped up my daily page rankings, but not to anything that any of the other pro-bloggers would even blink at.

I honestly don't even know if I have made any money with the sidebar ads yet. I haven't even checked them at all. I have been concentrating to much on writing articles, which has proven me that they pay me, and also blogging on here and my other site. Shameless plug coming up... Unique Northern Ramblings it is still in it's starting stages and is more personal than this one, but I do post regularly there, so check it out.

I also have been maintaining a forum Money Opportunities for the last couple of months, that you all are welcome to join and chat with me. I will be maintaining it regularly and welcome anyone to post on there with tips and suggestions and also referral links for good companies. Just please no spamming, as I will delete it. Anything else is excellent!

As some of you may also remember I am an avid fan of PTR email companies. You can also see the links on the sidebar. I sometimes take some time to do these emails, as they add up quickly if I don't stay on top of them. I have a couple of accounts that are close to payout, so I have been working on them a lot lately, hoping to get to redemption so I can post about my experience, so I can pass it on with everyone else. That is my primary goal here, to pass on good and bad experiences with work at home opportunities after all.

I also have 3 kids and a husband that shows up on my doorstep everynight about 8 o'clock and wants to be fed and get some attention, so that keeps me busy too. ;0)

Well, if there is a point to this story, it would be this, I need to aim higher (somehow, this will be figured out) and I suggest to everyone that likes to write to join up with Associated Content. It is free to join and the referral banner is on my sidebar.



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