Monday, April 2, 2007

I actually paid to upgrade at a ptr company today. I thought I would never do it, but I think this company is worth doing it. I feel that if I log on everyday and do most of the clicks I will be able to recoup my investment within the first month, maybe within the first two, if I slack off a little.


I have been lax in doing the paid to view ads from this company and still have over a dollar in my account from them and their payout minimum is only $10, so I should be able to make that by month's end to get my initial $10 back. I also paid the $10 so that I could have the advantage of getting to be able to view over 500+ paid ads more than what I am being able to view right now.

I believe that very shortly my investment will pay off for me and will bring me a slight revenue increase for very little effort. I am pleased with my decision and will now start promoting this company and their on-line viewing ads program to other people as a good deal.

They have had over 6million page views in the last couple of days so this site definitely has some traffic going on. I am also thinking of placing an ad on their, but want to put some more revenue sharing projects up before I start to bring in a lot more hits. That would be part of the purpose of the ad, plus readership, I just do not want to ruin the theme of the blog with tacky ads all over the place, but I do need to bring in some kind of revenue. solutions are coming.....just not much the better the rewards when I reap them!

I will keep everyone posted on my progress with and I will hope to see a few of you their even if you stay a Free member as their is still money to be earned that way also.


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