Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Choking Game ~ Have you heard of this?!?

In watching the Today Showthis morning they did a spot light feature on The Choking Game. I find this very alarming as a parent and also just as a concerned citizen!
How can our children be this irresponsible? Do they not recognise the dangers in this very dangerous practice? There are just so many things that can go wrong when they are playing this so called 'game'! My lord! I get the chills just thinking of my own children playing this when they get a little bit older.

Here is just a little bit of info for those of you that don't have the time to go and check out the full article:

The Choking game is a 'game' that children play where they either have a friend 'choke' them until they pass out, or they rig up some kind of rope, or scarf or something that will literally 'hang' them until they pass out. Now the most dangerous part of this is the fact that when they are by themselves once the child passes out, they have no control over what their body does.

Sometimes their body will just slip out of the make-shift 'noose' that they have rigged, but in sometimes 'fatal' choking game incidences their bodies have stayed leaning or caught in the nooses or contraptions that they have rigged and they have strangled to death.

This is NOT A GAME and all parents and guardians should be aware of the danger signs of their children playing this game! It has been around for years, and most kids whether they will admit it or not have heard of it, and most of them have participated in it in some form or another.

Here are the most obvious warning signs that your child is participating in this very dangerous game:

*Marks on the neck from ligatures(ropes)or from other peoples hands
*Frequent headaches
*Blood-shot eyes
*Closed or frequently locked bedroom doors

Some of these signs may not necessarily mean that your child is participating in this 'game', but there is a very simple way to find out, TALK TO YOUR CHILD! There is nothing better than good old fashioned communication when it comes to finding out what your children are doing.

If you find this information useful, PLEASE PLEASE forward it on, or refer someone to the website or this link and pass this information on to everyone, as I don't want to see any more children hurt from playing this senseless game. I can't imagine what the parents of those unfortunate children must be going through.


2 opinions:

  • Michele
  • said...

    Terrible terrible... I will definitely email this article out to out the parent friends of mine... thank you for making it aware.

  • Moonage
  • said...

    I did a post on the choking about a couple of years ago. It's had a LOT of discussion. Unfortunately, it hasn't seemed to have solved anything.