Friday, March 23, 2007

Should (D) President Hopeful John Edwards get more votes?

Should (D)Presidential hopeful John Edwards getting even more media attention because of the fact that his wife has Breast Cancer?

Why should he? It is not even him that is sick with a potentially fatal disease and he is getting all of the attention! Yes, I know that his dear loving wife has said that she wants him to continue on with his campaign and all that good mubo jumbo, what else is she supposed to say?!

I for one think that it is preposterous that people are now flocking to this man just for the fact that his wife is sick! What about all of the other candidates that are sick, or have been sick? What about them? I don't see the Today Show doing a front running piece on the fact that Senator McCain has prostate cancer and survived!

There are a number of front runners in the upcoming election that are worthy candidates and I don't believe that the public should be flocking to one opponent over another over medical issues that they may or may not have. I believe that we should vote for the most worthy candidate. Platform views and all that stuff.

My personal opinion is that I am still behind Barack Obama for this Presidential Race! I really hope that he wins. I would be proud to elect him as the First Black President of the United States. I believe in what he stands for and he has a real knack for keeping his foot out of his mouth. That says a lot for a campaign runner now a days.

Think on that.