Monday, March 19, 2007

Blogging Traffic Sites

I have had the priviledge of being the visitor on some very excellent blogs recently and just wanted to give some shout outs to some of those blogs for all of you interested in something new!

Marc is one of those bloggers that can find the words for just about everything! I found one of his posts especially ran true with me, "Green Eyed Monster", and would love for you all to read it and give him a comment or two if you do stop by and read his blog. I also had to wonder on how small of a world it is, because I used to live in Tempe, AZ and that is where Marc is based. Just a small tid-bit. ;-)

Another great blog that I have been reading lately is from Marie I personally love reading personal blogs! I myself write some pretty personal stuff on here sometimes, but not as close to the heart as some! I have to admire the strength it takes to put yourself out there for the world to see. Please leave a comment if you stop by, she is a very nice lady.

If you like blogs about how to make your blog better or how to get more traffic to your sites, try chilledbeer's blog
Chilledbeer He is a rather new blogger like myself, but from reading articles and posts that he has done, and also from skipping over into his other blogs, he has learned alot in just a short few months and is someone that we could all probably learn from! Check him out!

I also found a funny blog with some good jokes and posts that I found rather funny and have visited a couple of times that I thought was good. Check it out at
Wasting-your-time I especially like the article on "Why I Am As Nice As Possible", good reading, and the reading test is hilarious!

Now I have to tell all of you that I found all of these sites while getting traffic to my own blog here. All of these sites where on blogexplosion! I love that site! I finally got approved so now maybe some other people will be coming and reading!

Leave me some comments if you liked my suggestions! Or even if you didn't. I like to hear that someone is reading my blog! I think we all do, to be honest. ;-)

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  • narendra shenoy
  • said...

    Further to my earlier comment: I think you have a great sense of humor. That Winnie the shit one cracked me up. I find fewer and fewer jokes that really make me laugh. Just have to celebrate when I find one that does.

    Well, here's one that tickled me. Hope you havent heard it before.

    A drunk is stumbling through the woods when he happens upon a preacher baptising folk in the river. He ambles down to the water's edge then trips and falls down before the holy man. Almost overcome by the smell of alcohol, the preacher pipes up: "Lord have mercy on your drunken soul, brother - are you ready to find Jesus?"
    Out of his skull, the drunk agrees: "Yes, I am!" he replies. And with that, the preacher grabs him and dunks him under the water. Moments later, he drags the boozer back up: "Brother, have you found Jesus?"
    "No, preacher," stammers the drunk, "I have not!"
    Stunned by this, the preacher sends the drunk down again...this time leaving him there a little longer. Shortly he drags him back up again: "Rid your soul of the poison, brother - have you found Jesus?"
    Gasping for air, the drunk splutters a reply: "No, preacher - I have not!"
    At his wit's end, the preacher sends the drunk down one last time. A full minute later, he pulls him out: "For the love of God," shouts the preacher, "tell me you've found Jesus!"
    Coughing his lungs up, the drunk wipes his eyes and turns to the preacher: "You sure this is where he fell in?"