Wednesday, March 21, 2007

New Blog started ~ no I'm not crazy ~ I swear!

Good morning everyone ~ it is very early in the morning and I have already been up for almost two hours already!

I am very excited about my new blog that I started last night/afternoon!! I have decided that I just have way to much to blog about and not enough room on just one blog to do it in.

For one I have a lot of different interests ~ a lot!!!!

Two, I have a lot of ideas that are constantly swirling through my head and I need to write {blog} them down somewhere and I don't want to ruin a potentially good thing here, by clogging this one all up with a bunch of shall we say, not such good content?!?

Three, I want to be able to continue to up my writing skills as a blogger and continue to integrate humor and research to bring readers stories that they will be interested in, but still have my own sense of style and flare in them.

Geeezzz... this is starting to sound like a exam paper lay out!!!!

Four, I like making people laugh and that is what most of the content of my other site is going to be about. There will be some satire and dry wit thrown in to make a good recipe, but mostly I have found that I need the mixer to keep my writing from becoming too dark.

Well and finally this is my original {baby} so to speak and I don't want to mess it up! If that makes any sense to anyone. I have put a lot of time and effort and well, everything into this blog for a long time now and I want to continue to do so, but just better. ;-)

Enough for now, check out the new site if you so choose it is on mybloglog in my communities, and also under blogger. Hope you all have an outstanding day!

Catch you later

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