Saturday, March 24, 2007

Suggestions about this blog???

OK I am opening myself up for comments here and I am asking everyone that stops by to tell me what I could change and what I should keep the same. As some of you that are regular visitors to my site may have noticed, I change up my site pretty regularly. This has become a habit of mine since starting this blog. I actually kind of like it, but it also takes away a lot of time that I probably could be using for a lot more lucrative ventures. Maybe, maybe not... is what I am I hurting my own readership by sprucing things up all the time and changing things around, or do people just not really care, or do some people like it? Is this something that will affect me in the long run and my blog status, or will it not matter either way?

Any suggestions and comments are very much appreciated, and I will consider all of them very seriously, and I thank you all in advance.

Pondering in windy ND...

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  • Michele
  • said...

    Awesome blog... great posts, keep it up... some really good reading. Such a wide range of topics, you never get bored. Fun!