Wednesday, March 21, 2007

In it for the MONEY Honey

2 of my favorite things
Are you in this for the money or the honey{human bonding relationships}? Do you blog just for the fun of it or do you blog for the money? Or do you do both?

Can you walk that fine line in between the two? Can you succeed in having a blog that you enjoy and that is personal to you, but still make money of from too?

It SHOULD be possible, IS possible right? Why not!!!

I shouldn't have to have posts on SEO marketing techniques {of which frankly I know little or nothing about, it is all gibberish to me},or something similar just an example, for people to want to come and read my words and thoughts.

I do know that without readership I will never get anywhere and without loyalty I am doomed.....failure is not an option for me and never has been.

That is why I will always stay loyal and true to the people that have helped me to even get this far into my blogging and all of the realizations that have come with it. I have learned a couple of lessons since logging on and starting to blog for myself. Not all of them have been easy for me, especially the patience part, that has never been my strong suit. But they are well learned and I will continue to pass them on and share my experiences.

Share on faithful ones share on!
Catch you later!

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