Thursday, July 12, 2007

Myfitnesspal is here to save your calories!

Have you ever wondered how in the world you were going to find a good calorie counter to use while you are starting out that diet this summer? Well I have found a place that offers one completely 100% free for anyone to use! Awesome, amazing, and free? You bet! is offering 100% FREE memberships to anyone that is looking to lose those winter pounds but hasn't found the way yet. All you have to do is go to and sign up and you will be on your way to lean mean fighting machine fitness with all of their great online tools.

Here's an example:

Free calories counter

Free diet journal to track your meals and exercises

A huge extensive food database so that you can track the nutritional value of whatever food you may be thinking about scarfing down

Free message boards and forum to meet with other members and share you ideas and thoughts

So easy it works with all different types of diets, including but not limited to: South Beach diet, Adtkins, The Zone and many more.

You can tracks carbs, fat, and protein all with the same very simple to use tool

Why not check them out today? You really have everything to lose and all to gain!

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