Thursday, November 30, 2006

Guppy in a fishbowl

Maybe it is just all the lovely fluffly white stuff that is surrounding my little home of comfy warmth today, but I am slowly getting the disquieting feeling that my life is not much dissimilar than that of a guppy in a fishbowl.

Part of this may come from pretty much being born(well not really, but I might as well have been) bred, and raised in a really small town and we all know how a little town just loves to gossip. You cannot so much as break wind in your warm cozy little love nest in rural North Dakota and the neighbors way out on the other side of the country will know about it and will most likely know what the aroma was too....

Pardon my being so frank on such a humm.... delicate matter, but I do get so sick of little town gossips and their little minds that no not so much of what they speak, but only the havoc that they will wreak in the end. Which is what it is all about to begin with I do suppose.

I must tell the truth and say that my rantings of late are because I am sick of simple minded little people with no for thought into the future just simple cannot believe that you can sit at home on a computer and actually make money while you are doing it.

Granted I have fallen miserably on my face a couple of times doing these online ventures, which was the single whole purpose of starting this online blog, but I would really like to think that we as humans can learn from their mistakes, especially myself.

That is why I would like to encourage anyone that has had any good or bad experiences with internet business or work at home businesses to post on here. Or if you have any other topics that you would like to talk about and you don't want to maintain your own blog feel free to contribute, as long as it is clean.

Well, now that I am feeling a little bit cleaner in mind and spirit I will get back to my search for a good clean experience on the internet that I can share with you.

Have a great day and remember we all have the power to help each other to a better financial future if we want to!!!

Jennifer Briese

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