Friday, December 1, 2006

New Forum Startup

Good morning all! Hope this finds all of you with friendlier weather than I am experiencing at the moment! We are in the throws of Mother Nature's depression right now. Swirling snow, monster wind gusts, biting wind chills that feel like your nose will be frozen off and fall to the ground in an instant. Poor kids! lol

I at least get to sit in my warm cozy kitchen and write on my blog and search for more opportunities to tell you all about and of course watch my wonderful little demonette Madison play and try to get away with every little thing that she can(when she thinks I am too busy typing) She hasn't learned that I really DO have eyes in the back of my head. lol

All in good fun.

Anyways the biggest reason for this blog this morning ( or should I say afternoon) is that I started up a forum this morning for all of you that might be interested in contributing ideas, stories, anticdotes, links, etc.... to this mission that I am on.

The link is at the top of the post of you can click here

All are of course welcome to submit comments and please do the poll as I am really curious if I am the only gullible one out here that has every been duped by an internet scam. All votes are anonymous. I do not care for your email addresses, I have no use for them unless you would like to email me personally, that is just fine. I don't resell emails to anyone so you are safe.

Curiousity killed the cat as my grandpa always says, I just would like to see how many of us have fallen for the same old lines and how many of us are out there looking for a genuine opportunity to be able to stay out of the rat race that is called a 9-5 job!

Well that is all for now! I do hope to see some of you there! I look forward to sharing ideas, links, advice, and whatever else may come up!

Staying warm in North Dakota,

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