Thursday, March 15, 2007


I have signed up for this program called They send people to your blog in exchange for you visiting other people's blogs. Seems pretty fair. So far I have run across some pretty strange people, and some pretty normal people.

And yes, to be brutually honest, some very boring people that I am wondering why they even blog.

I guess there are probably some people out there that probably wonder the same thing about me too, though.

I guess to each his own. I have bookmarked a couple of the more memorable sites and will add their links on the sidebar in the next day or two, or maybe later today if I can get the site to work right for me.

You should all check this out though if you are interested in seeing all of the different blogs that are out there and getting traffic to your own blogs. It is totally free and easy to do. By the time the counter runs down you can usually read the first page of the blog and see if you would be interested in ever coming back to that blog ever again.

I am also trying to be a "responsible blogger" and leaving comments on some of the sites that I have visited today so that these people know that, yes, there is someone out there actually reading their thoughts. ;-)

Have a good one.

2 opinions:

  • dave925
  • said...

    Having read this post, I would feel irresponsible not to leave a comment saying I read it! Dave

  • Jose
  • said...

    Hi Jenny,

    Thanks for stopping by today, and commenting on my new about page. I appreciate that.

    I joined, but I haven't used it very much. I'm going to start using it more. I think we could all use a bit more traffic to our blogs.

    Take care, and I'll catch ya later.